morning efficiency experiment day #1

After the first day of trying to become more efficient with my morning routine, I have to say that I have both good news and bad news. The good news: it worked! I got so much more done than I usually do! The bad news: I’m exhausted from all the extra work I had time to do! ;)

It was a very, very good day, and I am very pleased with how it went so much more smoothly than usual. We sat down at the table for about an hour and did research on bees, and I got lots of cleaning done and even a little 30 minute nap in there at the end! {I so love naps- sadly they are becoming rare treats on the weekdays now that the kids are older. I’ll take them when I can get them! :)}

Here are some pics of tonight’s preparation for day #2:

Clothes are out and ready to go, dishes are loaded in the dishwasher, and a load of laundry is washing and will be ready to move to the dryer first thing in the morning.  I have to say- I’m so grateful for my appliances! I read somewhere once that our modern household appliances are like the Proverbs 31 woman’s maidservants! Now there’s some food for thought… luckily we don’t have to rise early to feed them! :P

And speaking of appliances, did you notice on the coffeemaker that I beat last night by 6 minutes?! It’s all about {extremely} small improvements, I tell you. :) I wonder how many days will it take for me to get in bed by 10 p.m.? Oh, and everyone stores 10 lbs. of pinto beans in an old daycare-sized container of animal crackers, right? I think people probably do look at our grocery cart and think we run a daycare when we go shopping at Sam’s Club!

Hmmm…we’ll see if tomorrow goes as well as today did.

I’m getting to bed early tonight just in case. :)


  1. Oh how cool! I know that Sunday feeling- it's such a struggle! I'm so excited for you! It's working here too- now I too just have to work on making it stick! :)

  2. On Sunday afternoon we were running late to church and my husband commented that we seem to *always* be running late. When I saw your post yesterday morning I took it as the Lord's gentle nudging to be more efficient with my own mornings. So last night I ironed my clothes, set out my vitamins, breakfast, and had all my clothes laid out for this morning. Guess what! It worked! No rushing around in the morning. Now if I can just make this a habit!


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