time-saving tip for baking

I love to bake- but the cleanup and ingredient gathering has always made it a little less fun for me...at least until I came up with this easy kitchen trick. 

In our current house we are blessed to have kitchen drawers, and in my deepest drawer I keep my all of my baking ingredients in a plastic cleaning carrier!

Instead of digging out all the ingredients from their separate spots, I just pull this little baby out and use my ingredients right from it, putting each one back in the carrier after it's added. When I'm done, I just stick the whole kit back in the drawer and kitchen cleanup is that much easier!

It's definitely a time and sanity saver for me!

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  1. Oh my goodness I love that idea. You should see what my baking pantry looks like... yikes! I need to do this ASAP.

  2. I've got a little tray that I keep all my baking stuff in too. It really does make baking much more enjoyable!

  3. That is pretty tricky. I just may have to do some rearranging. :)

  4. I keep all of my baking items in a plastic shoebox! My cabinet isn't big enough for a handy caddy like that, but at least it's all together!

  5. what a great idea!


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