weekend getaway and real life

I was so, so amazingly blessed to have a little getaway last weekend. My husband had to work out of town, and God allowed it to work out where I could go with him. My mom kept the kids for two whole days and I got a little free time! A huge thanks to her for making it possible- she's the best!

Can I tell you how amazing it is to have a couple of days completely free?

While my sweet husband was working so hard {thank you baby!!},

I was taking long walks by the lake...


strolling through the harbor...


enjoying the beautiful hotel...


sleeping in and taking naps in this cozy bed...


soaking in the sun...

{you have to get to the pool at 10 in the morning not to fry in Texas!}

photo 1

and enjoying a few hours of shopping and even a pedicure. Not to mention eating the best Mexican food and the best filet and brownie cheesecake I've ever tasted. Oh, that and consuming an entire box of Crunch N' Munch in the hotel room. I exercised just an hour in three days and I think I gained about three lbs. this weekend alone! I'll take it for all of that though! Definitely worth every calorie! :)

It.was.dreamy. I've never had completely free time like that before. Usually we do things as a couple, and it's always fun. But being alone and doing whatever I wanted to was just amazing. It was like serious recharging time! And it was such a great blessing after hard weeks of tiring work at home.

We ended the weekend by meeting my mom and the kids for a little early birthday celebration.

My little girl is turning four this week. I just love her.


This was her very first time to be sung to by strangers...

she looked a little like a deer in headlights :), but she didn't skip a beat when they told her to stand up so they could sing. She was so excited!

And I love this pic of Ava and my mom.


Here's Noah, drinking it all in...


and Ava after a little birthday cupcake...


And then the fun {and very bumpy} ride home in the gigantic company truck!


here's the pic taken when Rob told me my almost 8-year-old is nearly as big as me! {*tear*}



and then Monday morning brings me fully back to reality... :)




Sometimes it seems hard to go away and come back again to more work and kids out of a routine, but I'd still choose the weekend getaway any day! God was so generous to bless me with it just when I needed it the most.

He's so, so very good to me. :) I think I'm even more blessed to have a home and children to come home to- to be able to live life with them every day of the week. Before I know it, this season will be gone, and my house will be perfectly clean all of the time. In the meantime, I like to think of the laundry and the constant messes as results of a live and happy home. It helps give me a little perspective when I feel like crying! ;)

So what do you think? How do you add the spontaneous and keep the routine in balance? Is it really possible?


  1. Thanks!! And I'm def. entering for that!! :)

  2. Oh, so glad it was just for you at that moment! I was feeling the same way today! Amen, sista! I love it! :) Nothing else matters in light of Him! :D
    Great idea about the Sunday afternoons too!

  3. What a great weekend! So happy you go that. I tell my single friends all the time that I forgot what it's like to be alone!
    Also, check out my giveaway this week- free advertising for a month! :)

  4. We like to use our Sabath Sunday after church to just be spontaneous and spend time with family. We don't touch the computers and avoid "work". It keeps us sane (mostly) for the rest of the week :)
    I hope you don't mind if I quote what you said about laundry and messes being evidence of a live and happy home. That is just wonderful, because not two hours ago I was standing amidst piles of laundry, dishes, kids toys, bedroom remodeling, and dinner preparations and wondering if it would ever get done. But it doesn't matter, because I have a thriving and beautiful family and My Jesus who loves me :)

  5. Times like that are PRICELESS! I've got 3 little ones.....4yo, 2yo and 5mos old so I understand. I think it is important to get away and recharge. I always feel like I love my kids a bit more when I return :) Routine is important, but keeping things spontaneous is what makes it all fun....and makes great memories!

  6. Looks like such a great weekend! We are definitely more spontaneous people, and only one kiddo, so we're not too set in a routine yet, but I always give myself (and the baby!) a day of grace after we get back. Things just get disrupted and it takes time to settle down!


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