#1 motivation secret+ using technology to exercise at home {finding your exercising sweet spot- part 2}

Today we’re covering part 2 of our {fitness on friday} series on how to get a great workout anywhere! {check out part 1 here!}


If you’re just joining in, we’re doing a series of articles over the next few weeks on how to find your exercising “sweet spot:” a way of exercising that works for your life, your budget, your personality, your family, and your time schedule.

Last week, I covered lots of ways to get a great workout at home, and this week I’m going to give you a few more ideas that might work for you if you like to exercise under your own roof.

If you have a TV and a DVD player, or a even just a computer, you can use today’s technology to get a great workout anywhere! In fact, one of my very favorite ways to work out at home is to exercise to fitness DVD’s or streaming videos.

MP900409059You can bring some of the best fitness instructors right into your living room with exercise videos! And better yet, you get to choose your favorite type of exercise to do! If you like Pilates, you have a ton of options! Do you love Zumba, a Latin dance workout that’s in so many gyms right now? You can do it in your own home!

There are so many options for exercise DVD’s on Amazon for less than retail price. My favorite single workout videos are Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred, and Billy Blank’s Tae-Bo- they are both fun and intense. If you like kickboxing and dance- Turbo Jam might be your kind of workout. Or, if you prefer more of a slower Pilates or yoga style, again you have so many options to choose from!

You can also purchase video program sets like P90x or Insanity- both of which are very intense boot camp like programs that produce great results if you follow them. They come with multiple DVD’s with routines, menus, and other helpful resources. They are often pricey, but again, if you think you will really use them, they will be worth the up-front cost.

But like I said last week, we all know the biggest obstacle to exercising at home is the lack of motivation, or drive to do it. Even if you have the best DVD program, if you don’t want to do it, chances are you won’t. We all start with good intentions, and eventually life gets in the way, and excuses are more than easy to find.

I’ve been there lots of times in the past, and a few years ago I finally found the secret to what works best for me when it comes to staying motivated to exercise! I am motivated by primarily one big thing when it comes to exercising, as well as a few other simple things. And the good news is, I think my secret will work for you too!

My #1 secret to staying motivated is definitely having accountability.

If I have someone relying on me in some form or fashion, or if I’ve committed to being somewhere at a certain time, I will do everything in my power to be there, whether I want to or not.

I teach fitness classes right now, so I’m certainly relied upon to show up and exercise at a certain time. But before I taught classes, I went to them, I did my own routine at the gym, and worked out at home as well, because I was accountable to either a person, the gym, or a goal I’d set.

Here are a few ways you can implement the accountability principle into your exercise routine no matter where you workout- at home, the gym, or outdoors:

1. Enlist a friend or workout partner and commit to a time to exercise together each week.

Set up a time to exercise with a friend or someone you know that’s interested in exercising. Go for a walk in the evenings, or schedule an early morning run if that’s your thing. Agree to meet at the gym, or in one of your living rooms.

I’ve done both of those at different points in my life- when I had four kids under six, I met my friend Abbie for early morning runs before the children were up, and we also worked out to our favorite DVD’s together at each other’s house each week. The kids were entertained for the most part with their friends, and we had to be a little careful not to back kick a kid or two, but it worked for us at the time. :)

19040_1248739104230_1402031024_30604873_6410101_nAbbie {my best exerciser} and I at a fitness convention in 2010!

2. Find a group of like-minded people- either in person or online to keep you on track.

Weight Watchers has great results because it makes you accountable to a group of people and a time goal. Being held accountable to weekly weigh-in’s gives you that extra kick in the bottom, so to speak. You don’t want to show up having failed, so you’re even more motivated to stay on track with diet and exercise.

My mom does Jazzercise aerobics at a gym, and she loves it because she has friends that are expecting her to be at their class each week. They also have monthly partner contests to keep each other attending classes through out the month. It works well for her!

SparkPeople is a great free online fitness community where you can log your daily exercise hours, track your food and water intake, make online friends, see exercise demos, and post questions about fitness in the forums. They have over 11 million people in their community! They’ve got some amazing resources there for you to find your “sweet spot!”

3. Use social media to announce your fitness intentions.

This one might seem a little strange, but it works really well. If you have a Twitter or Facebook page, tell your friends your intention to exercise that day- with specifics like what you will do and how long.

There are even multiple Facebook and Twitter apps for just this- publicly logging how many miles you ran or cycled, etc. If it’s not your personality to post things like that, tell your friends why you’re doing it- so that they can hold you accountable.

You could even start a private group with just your friends that already support your fitness intentions, and it would allow you to encourage more people to do the same and to keep each other accountable on your fitness journeys. This works perfectly for finding a group of like-minded people like I talked about above, because you already have supporting friends built right in! :)

No matter which option you choose, something about setting goals publically and committing to friends makes staying motivated so much easier! I know it does for me. I hope these ideas work for you as well!

What is your favorite way to stay motivated and on track with exercise? I’d love to hear what keeps you accountable to staying healthy and fit!


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  1. I'm a stay at home mom who needs to lose 20-30 lbs. This white girl made average and below-average grades in PE, so you know I'm not athletic or inclined to exercise. I need to exercise at home and got some good ideas from your blog posts. Thank you! My diet is actually pretty healthy, I drink about 96+ oz of water a day, just need to exercise!


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