menus and goals–9/19/11

just over seven months ago, I was here:


We hiked miles into the mountains of Kauai in early February of this year and it was amazing! Think of the Jurassic Park helicopter ride with waterfalls and cliffs with thousand-foot drop-offs…. oh, how I miss it!  Yeah, I have to say a tiny tropical island is sounding pretty sweet right about now… :)

But since I’m in Texas at the moment, how about I do a little menu and goal planning instead? Sounds great, right? :P Hey, those are the things that make vacations fun, aren’t they? Without them, absolute freedom to do nothing at all wouldn’t be as sweet! Everything has it’s purpose and time! heheh…

menu plans this week:
monday: italian meatballs, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob

tuesday: taco salad- romaine lettuce, ground turkey, feta cheese, tomatoes, and salsa in individual tortilla bowls

wednesday: spaghetti + turkey meat sauce, salad, bread

thursday: garlic lemon chicken and rice

friday: homemade sundried tomato, chicken and feta pizza {recipe soon!} + caramel popcorn {family night!} {change of plans- went out with family last week and didn’t make this so it’s back on the menu again!}

saturday: dinner out or pancakes

sunday lunch: crockpot garlic rosemary beef roast, potatoes, asparagus, and bread

breakfasts: cereal, eggs, biscuits, ham and cheese egg rolls

lunches: turkey sandwiches + chips, salads, mini pizzas 


I was pretty happy to have completed 80% of my goals last week. I told the hubs that I was fortunate to finish 8 goals out of 10, and he said he would’ve only started with 5! I told him if I look at it that way, then I got way more accomplished than I should have! heehee…


here were my top 10 goals last week:
1. walk to the library and do a science research project with the kids {we ended up not walking, but driving instead. Just glad to have checked this one off! :)}

2. finish decorating fireplace with pictures {didn’t touch it.}

3. learn new choreography tracks for my fitness classes-not hard, but time-consuming

4. take pictures of eBay items to be listed

5. help hubs with painting master bedroom

6. go grocery shopping only two times this week-

7. continue with the morning efficiency project-

8. sand one project that’s waiting for me outside {the sander was in use a lot this weekend, and then I decided not to sand at all, just paint}

9. shoot engagement pictures for a friend  {can’t wait to share!}

10. have friends over for dinner


Here are my 10 new goals for this week:


1. clean, paint end table

2. hang pictures over fireplace

3. finish living room project {wash couches, hang last few pics, paint molding}


4. Read through McGuffey’s readers with boys

5. Start potty training for Ava


6. Go on a lunch date with my man :)


7. Add one more early morning to schedule

8. Spend at least 20-30 minutes studying the Bible each day


9. List 3 eBay items I took pics of last week

10. Edit engagement photos taken last week

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