this week’s 10 goals and menu plans

Happy Monday to you! I hope your weekend was lovely!

Mine included a birthday celebration, lots of dinners out with the family {one was Outback!!}, thrifting, grocery shopping, an awesome church service, Bible study, watching Survivorman {that’s ol’ Les Stroud over there in a pic from his website- he’s awesome btw!} with the hubs, one gigantic piece of birthday cake, a few crazy balancing yoga moves and even a plank-holding competition in my brother’s living room {I blame the sugar rush from that cake!}.

I definitely had more than my fair share of that ridiculously yummy buttercream icing, so I’m thinking I’d better make up for it over the next few meals this week! :)

menu plans this week:
monday: spaghetti + turkey meat sauce, salad, bread

tuesday: chicken fajitas, fat-free refried beans, steamed rice

wednesday: pork chops {from the freezer}, green beans, and mashed potatoes

thursday: crockpot bbq chicken, rice, salad, corn bread {I’m usually toast by dinner time- this is an early workout day and my errand day, so the crockpot is the only way we won’t go out for dinner!}

friday: homemade sundried tomato, chicken and feta pizza {recipe coming this weekend!} + caramel popcorn {family night!}

saturday: dinner out

breakfasts: cereal, eggs, toast + jelly,  biscuits, banana bread

lunches: turkey sandwiches + chips, salads, mini pizzas

and here are my top 10 goals for this week:
1. walk to the library and do a science research project with the kids

2. finish decorating fireplace with pictures

3. learn new choreography tracks for my fitness classes-not hard, but time-consuming

4. take pictures of eBay items to be listed

5. help hubs with painting master bedroom

6. go grocery shopping only two times this week- I’m trying to focus on being more efficient at planning what we will be out of and when- I always end up forgetting one or two things and having to go to either Wal-Mart or Sam’s like four times a week. Not fun. Or cheap.

7. continue with the morning efficiency project- this has helped me sooooo much! Coffee ready and waiting is a very good thing!

8. sand one project that’s waiting for me outside

9. shoot engagement pictures for a friend

10. have friends over for dinner {it’s been forever since we’ve gotten to do this! so exciting!}

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  1. :D Oh thank you girlie! i feel the same way about your sweet comments!! congrats on the giveaway! i love your designs!

  2. I SO look forward to your posts each time I see one in my blog reader! Have a great week!


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