day 10: parties and planning ahead {31 days of thrifting}

  One of my favorite thrifting finds made hosting a wedding shower this weekend so much easier:


My sweet little Churchill Blue Willow mugs and saucers!

Last year I bought a set of 16 cups and saucers for $11 at Goodwill- I was so excited to find such a deal on an antique set. In fact, I just did a quick search on the internet, and on multiple sites a single cup and saucer set sells for about $9, which is almost what I paid for all of them!

I’m in love with the pretty indigo blue against the white- so vintage, and so “me!”  Having 16 of them makes it easy to serve coffee to a big crowd too. Since last year, I’ve used them on at least four different occasions that I can remember- one birthday party, two showers, and our Christmas party.

I’m hoping I can keep them intact and pass them along to my girls when they grow up. We’ll see if they’ll make it through another 20 years! :D


thrifting tip #7:

try to plan your purchases in advance.

Always keep a running list of events and activities in mind that will require something you don’t have.

The thing about thrifting is that you never know when you’ll find the item you need.  Planning ahead allows you to be ready when the time comes and will actually save you a ton of money in the long run too.

Do you buy brand new Easter clothes for the kids every year? Start looking now for a good deal on that sweet little Easter dress and matching shoes; chances are, by the time Easter rolls around again you will probably have everything you need for a fraction of what the retail version would cost.

The same is true for winter coats, boots, swimwear, and almost all children’s clothing. You may not need it right now, but will you need it in six months? Or next year?

I’m interested to hear from you guys- how far out do you buy your children’s clothing? Up to a year? How much do you store for the future? And do you plan out your other purchases in advance too?



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  1. Thanks! I love buying in off season- that's when you get the best deals for sure! Great job on planning ahead, mama!! :D

  2. Yay!! Thank you for stopping in for a chat! :D So glad you're here!

  3. I did buy that exact same one in two sizes up! My boy loves it too!!

  4. That's awesome! $10 is a steal for an entire bin! I'm planning on going on one of those dates for my birthday this weekend! :D ha!

  5. Wow! $200! Definitely smart! love it!! Great job, Mama! Congrats on your newborn! :D

  6. Wow! That's awesome! I love that you give them away too, and pass along your savings to others! That's so sweet!

  7. I am guilty of buying size 8/10 for my girlie(she's in a size 3-4 right now, but these were bought last year) I passed them on to my BF for her daughter to use. Right now I have totes filled with 5/6 things. I tend to put my girlie in bigger things because I hate putting her in pants that her bum hangs out of, or shirts that are too short, and show her belly off. I got 99% of her clothes at thrift stores and at significant savings new(on clearance) I also save everything, and have been able to bless others by swapping clothes. The bigger sizes get to be slim pickings, but the baby sizes have been through at least 5 babies in the last 3 years!

  8. For the past week, I have been sorting, washing, and hanging enough clothing to fill 6 plastic totes that was bought ahead for my sons, who are 8 and 3, for this fall/winter. At the end of each season, I buy clearance items that are usually 75% off (and sometimes more when I have coupons) to store for the next spring/summer or fall/winter. I also shop garage sales and thrift stores and stock up there as well. I do buy sale items occassionally during the seasons too. (For example, I used a 30% coupon to buy my 3-year-old a Gap hooded jacket last week.)

    I have been saving my 3-year-old's clothing for our newborn (almost 3 months) so that we can get another use out of them. There is a 5 year gap between my older two so I only save high dollar items or items we really loved for my middle child to use (and fortunately, they are all boys). The rest I sale at a childrens' consignment event or a local consignment store. I have kept records in the past on my spending and what the clothing sold for. I have broke even on my 8-year-old's clothing and have made as much as $200 on my 3-year's old's clothing (before the baby was born and I starting saving items for him).

    To me, it's just SMART.

  9. I like to buy ahead, especially at garage sales. I just pulled a bin out of the attic with wonderful winter clothes for my son. All nice condition and brand names and I know that I didn't pay more than $10.00 total for them. I'm still enjoying all of your finds and advice! My hubby and I even had a thrifting date last weekend!

  10. i buy them in any size really, he's just now in 6/7's. if its his style and in excellent condition i snatch it up. i esp. luv when you run across the ntw ones, i've bought up to a 10/12. brand ntw old navy "pull up" (cor's term for no zipper or button which he LUVS) camo, that is so my son.

  11. Andrea@Oasis AccentsNovember 7, 2011 at 12:11 AM

    Found you from button on Blue Chateau Interiors. Definitely have to follow anyone who has as much love for thrifting as I do. Can't wait to take a look around. =) PS totally love blue and white too!

  12. We are on the same wavelength girl! ;) I buy my kids clothes in advance, wash them, and store them til I need them! Then I'm not in a rush the next season to find a winter coat, or shorts, etc... and they are always SUPER cheap, too! ;) Great score on the dishes!


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