day 14: ugly chair transformation & seeing potential {31 days of thrifting}

My husband thought I was more than a little crazy for bringing home two of these hideous dining chairs:


but he was amazed when my $11 chairs turned into this:


Ah, spray paint and a piece of fabric can do wonders!

Now you’re probably thinking I’m crazy for having a white fabric dining seat with four kids {and I would agree with you}… don’t worry, it’s covered in plastic!

I was teased by my dad and brother that I’m turning into Ma on Everybody Loves Raymond, but hey, I can take it- I get pretty dining chairs and no stains! :P

thrifting tip #10:

don’t be afraid of ugly.

There is so much potential just waiting for you at the thrift store. You won’t always see exactly you were looking for, but if you can use your imagination a little you can see a whole new world of opportunity.

So many things are dirt cheap at the thrift store because they are ugly or broken. And no one wants ugly or broken, even at a low price.

But with a little paint, a quick fix, or even just a good cleaning- you can take someone else’s trash and transform it into your treasure.

So the question is, can you see potential in the ugly and broken? :)

{oh, I can’t stop thinking about how Jesus sees the potential in the ugly and broken! Oh the love of our Lord who gives love to the unworthy, who gives value to the worthless. I’m so thankful our value is found in Him and in nothing else! So much love- so undeserved. He is the only thing that really matters in this life.}

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  1. Oh, great idea!! That might work for some chairs I have waiting to reupholster outside!! :D thanks for sharing!

  2. Wohoo! rejoicing with you! love it when you find the perfect thing!

  3. :D thanks for reading Teri! So glad to have you here!

  4. Thanks Mary! I love it when we can surprise them! so fun! :D

  5. Wow! ...very nice chair. I especially like what you said about our value to Jesus. Every time I refurbish a thrift find, the Lord reminds me of His transforming power.

    I"m encouraged by your thrifting tip #10: don’t be afraid of ugly. (lol)
    Teri in Corpus

  6. totally not ugly as a matter of fact thats been the chair i've been looking for for my office, finally found one WITH casters WOOHOO!! and can't wait to pick it up and reupholster and paint it. u did a fabulous job! and luv the idea of the plastic covering.

  7. love it! great job! ;) my hubby has turned his nose up to a few of my finds, but later had to recant because of the result! ;) love it, girl.

  8. It turned out so pretty! Another good idea for when you recover something and you have little ones, use one of those vinyl table cloths you can get at Wal-Mart, or even the dollar store. They come in so many patterns, are easy to wipe off, and you could probably end up with enough to cover a pillow for the back of the chair too. This would be good for outdoor furniture too I think.


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