day 15: thrifting for baby {31 days of thrifting}

I was thrilled to find one of these at Goodwill a few months ago:


Considering they were selling on Craigslist for $20, and at the store for $30+ at the time, I was happy to pay $3.99! I sold the like-new Bumbo on Craigslist the next week for $18!

Hello, sweet $14 profit! :D

thrifting tip #11:

try to thrift baby and children’s items before buying retail.

Baby swings, high chairs, play mats, toy kitchens, bouncy seats and so many other children’s items are available for pennies on the dollar at the thrift store. Once you start thrifting, retail prices for children’s items will become crazy high to you, and you’ll no longer be able to walk around in Babies “R” Us  with a straight face.

The beautiful thing about thrifting baby and children’s items is that they are often in good shape, because they were only used for a little while!

I’ve purchased infant car seats {on eBay}, swings, Little Tikes kitchens, two double strollers, a baby sling, a nursing wrap, diaper bags, and more- all used and in very good condition.

I mean, really, why pay full price when you can save 75% or more on the very same items? :D

I love thrifting.

Can you tell?


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  1. Wow, that is an awesome deal! I fortunately have been able to borrow Bumbos but saw them at the store the other day for around $40! Crazy!


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