day 16: reader finds- american girls, hutch makeovers and more! {31 days of thrifting}

It’s Sunday, so what do you say we show off some of your thrifting finds?

I just love seeing the things you guys score! So much fun!

Michelle W. took a thrifted tri-fold 8x10 frame {remember those?!} and transformed it into this awesomeness:

pinterest craft

She calls it her family hub center, and uses a dry-erase marker to change it every week! Isn’t that a fabulous idea?? So cool!

And Jeri found the perfect lamp to finish her island décor- you guys, she knows about thrifting: she had to pull out the ninja thrifting moves to grab it and other items!  I told you thrifting was serious business! Ahh, I love it!!

Kelli from Adventurez in Child Rearing worked magic on a thrifted $100 traditional solid oak hutch. She writes:

The before pics show the top part of the cabinet with plain wood and glass doors and the out of date (not in a good way) bottom cabinet doors:

book club and cabinet 009book club and cabinet 010

The after pics show my happy place for our homeschool day with our cheery “new” old cabinet!

book club and cabinet 040

All that fuss on the bottom doors which I hated- turned into the perfect recipients of my paint and scuffing detail. I just mixed a couple of paints I had around the house until I liked the color - painted - scuffed (sanded) until I was happy.

I'm happy! This makes a wonderful storage area for our books that go along with our outdoor nature studies- it's pretty enough that we don't even mind being inside for a little while. :)

Here's the really super fun part:

My less than $100 cabinet with leftover paint finish:

I finally did it! painted the hs cabinet/hutch! cabinet {with no top piece}, on SALE for $1899.95:

 My future HS<br /> hutch

Gotta love it!

Way to go Kelli!! She did an amazing job, didn’t she? So exciting!! I think I’m going to have to start using my hutch for homeschooling books too! You can check out Kelli’s 31 days of Exploring God’s Creation along with their other fun homeschooling “adventurz” over at her blog!

And Kristy S. writes in with another truly awesome find:

I am an avid it honest from my mama who always shopped at garage sales and TJ Maxx before it was cool!

My FAVORITE find was the pair of Joe's Jeans from a GW in Orlando for less than $3-they had a rip on one leg that was an easy fix.

But I have a NEW FAVE: I was out yesterday and stopped by a local resale store. Usually their prices are a little to high for my opinion of a great deal, but I do occasionally drop in and browse. Well, did I find a DEAL! Two American Girl dolls that over over $100 each- one was $19.99 and the other $9.99 and even scored a little outfit for $6.99 (usually runs over $25- C-R-A-Z-Y!). My oldest daughter turns five next week and she has been looking at the catalog that started coming in the mail.

I cannot wait to see her face as she opens this gift!!!!! WAHOOOO for me!


I’m so, so excited about her dolls! What a find, Kristy! I think that sweet gifts like that come straight from the Lord Himself. He cares even about the birthdays of our little ones! Isn’t He amazing?

Way to go thrifters!! They did great, didn’t they? :)

I would love to feature a few of your very best finds as well {you don’t even have to be a blogger!} so email me at mandy at biblicalhomemaking dot com and submit your photo or link with a few details!


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  1. My first feature!! Thank you Mandy, you made my day!!
    God bless

  2. oh heavens - i shulda put up the windex bottle and moved his school papers outta the pix! lol, thanks for sharing this, i no it helps us alot


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