day 18: shopping for profit {31 days of thrifting}

I carried this bit of gorgeous during my three day birthday weekend:
It’s Fossil brand, all leather, and was in pristine condition when I found it at Goodwill. I don’t think the original owner carried it much at all, because the inside was as perfect as the outside. GW wanted $9 for it. At first I balked at the price, because most purses are priced around $4 at our store.
Then I remembered exactly how much Fossil purses are worth on eBay. I’d just been looking for a specific style of purse there- so I knew I could buy this purse and resell it for a profit. I asked the manager to go down, but they wouldn’t budge. I don’t blame them, because really, it looked like it could be selling at Dillard’s for $150.
So I took the deal and brought her home and got to enjoy her on my weekend away before I sell her!
This is one of the only pictures I could find of me with the purse this weekend… :D
{I was in love with this chair at our hotel! I thought about bringing it home with me,
but it may be a tiny bit over-sized for the living room.}
thrifting tip #12:
know thy market.
If you are interested in reselling thrifted items, or even just in getting the best quality, it’s important to know the market for what you’re looking to buy.
Let’s say you walk in the jeans department and you see two pairs of jeans for $8 a piece. You find one pair of Gap jeans, and one pair of William Rast jeans- a brand you’ve never heard of, but that look well made.
You end up buying the Gap jeans, because you know the brand name, but you go home to look up the other pair you passed on, only to find they were originally $200, and are now selling on eBay for $75.
So you could have made a $50 profit after fees and taxes, just by investing $8 and 30 minutes of your time, had you known that the jeans were actually worth $75.
If you’re interested in reselling your finds, pick a category or two of goods you like {maybe it’s shoes, children’s Gymboree clothing, strollers, purses, specialty appliances, or jeans} and really study the market value of what you are looking for- find out the item’s original cost, and it’s going rate on eBay and Craigslist.
That way when you stumble upon a great deal on that pair of designer jeans, you’ll be armed with the knowledge of their worth, and you can make the best decision on your purchase.
Then you can take your thrifting from money saving to money making.
Thrifting for profit- now that’s what I’m talking about!
Did you ever thrift a valuable item and resell it for a profit?
I’d love to hear your story!
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  1. You go girl!! Free is better than any thrifting find I've gotten! 100% profit! :D

  2. WOW! that's awesome! who would guess a toy would go for so much!! that's awesome!! I'm so glad you're reading! I miss you guys- I hope we see each other soon!!

  3. ebay and craigslist both! CL is cheaper by far. :D thank you for reading! :D

  4. When Luke was a toddler he loved Blues Clues. I picked up the cutest little toy phone that was Blues Clues theme. Paid $3 for it, cleaned it up and put batteries in it. Worked perfectly! Every number had a picture of a character on it and played a message when pushed. He loved it for several years. I posted it on Ebay when he was done with it. Sold for $30 plus shipping!! Holy Cow!! Wish I had more to sale!! Love reading your ideas Mandy!!

  5. i was thinking about that. i just wish i knew someone who had a girl in 3t's i would gift it, just because i wanna see it on a sweet pea! lol

  6. Loving your series! Do you sell on E-Bay or where?

  7. I picked up an old table at the side of the road (someone was throwing away) it was solid wood with all legs in place- so I grabbed it! (anything wooden holds promise in my book) I didn't have a place for it and didn't need another table- but it was FREE - I was in the process of slapping some paint on it-( I used an ivory color- beat it up a bit, sanded the edges- then brushed on/wiped off an antique wood stain with a damp cloth diaper) my friend took one look at it and shoved $100 in my hand and insisted that she needed it! they had no family table and it was just the right size for her space. I even tried to give her back the money but she was so happy with it - she wouldn't let me! :)

  8. Oh my goodness, that's awesome!! Wow!! I love it!! I would love it if you sent me a pic for the Sunday feature! :D

  9. Aww, it's so cute!! You may look on eBay- now is the perfect time to list for fall/winter! Great job!!

  10. I do tend to stick to the bigger names, though I do love some specialty consignment stores like the buffalo exchange. The smaller ones tend to think their stuff is worth more, I think. I have 2-3 stores I go to, but every time we go out of town I try to stop by one in another city. We don't have a lot to choose from without driving 2 hours. :D

  11. Aww, thank you!! I'm so glad you're reading along! :D

  12. Sweet! I love it when that happens!! Way to go! :D

  13. Your series on thrifting is wonderful! I'm just getting into thrifting so I love all of your great tips. Keep it up!!

  14. I'm really loving your series! I consider myself a regular thrifter but I'm learning a lot :) One question, how many thrift stores do you have in your "rotation?" Also, do you tend to only stick to the big name thrifts like Goodwill or Salvation Army? I tend not to have a lot of luck at the smaller thrift stores that are run by other local charities so I'm not sure if I've just gone to the wrong ones or what!

  15. ok i guess it doesn't show it until after you post so nix the last sentence. i learn something new everyday, here's today's, lol!

  16. i'm just starting the buying thrifted for resale. i found the sweetest little gem of a coat for a girl, vintage embriodered pea coat.i don't have a girl or know of friends that have a girl in this size or i would just gift it really. i tried to add the pix by using the (+ Image) down below but can't get it to work.

  17. Okay. Okay....My best thrift happened last week. I found a $600...Can I somehow make those numbers bigger?....Thomas O'brien lamp at our local goodwill. $9. I had no idea the worth until I got home.

  18. I remember when I caught an end of the year sale at a department store called Belk's and I was able to get two pairs of tommy hilfiger jeans for ten bucks a piece! $9 for a fossil purse in excellent condition is awesome!

  19. Once I found a 14k gold chain at GW. I paid 2.50 for it. Sold it at one of those gold buying places for $80! That was a great day!!


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