day 19: thrifty outfits birthday edition {31 days of thrifting}

We had an awesome little 24 hour trip to the big D {Dallas} this weekend, and of course I had to snag a few pics of my thrifted outfits for the weekend!
I found this picture slightly hilarious. I’m surrounded by junk!
{see the thrifted fossil purse? it was a another find!}

The top was not thrifted, but I figure since it was my birthday and I was actually shopping in a thrift store, that counts!

This was at my favorite Goodwill in Mesquite, a suburb of Dallas. That store wins the award for best finds every time we thrift in the DFW area. They have good prices, and lots and lots of stuff {as you can see!}.

We shopped for a while then we went straight from Goodwill to the Hilton.
The idea made us laugh but it actually was kind of surreal.
Here’s a better shot of the whole outfit in the hotel bathroom:
{pants- Roxy/Goodwill, $7, top- AE, shoes-Giani Bini}
I couldn’t resist taking a picture of the mirrors:
The hotel was incredible.
{did you see the teal chair yesterday?}
But dinner at Pappas Bros. was even more amazing!
Here we are at dinner in our dressy thrifted outfits! {with the most ridiculous chocolate cake in history. Awesome.}
My vintage style lace dress was $12 from a funky consignment store in Dallas last year- it’s made by Rebecca Taylor, and my black leather heels are Ralph Lauren, $8 from GW. Rob’s outfit is from Banana Republic- the shirt was $5 and the BR pants were $6, both from Goodwill.
What’s really awesome- the money we saved on these two outfits was more than the cost of our dinner!! See- you can thrift, save the $ and go out for a fancy dinner! :P
This one was another favorite thrifted outfit of mine:
{see what life is like at our house- we’re constantly remodeling!}
The top is American Eagle- $4, the jeans are Hudson’s {retail $150!} for $7, and the shoes are Merona- new at Goodwill for $4.
I had my six-year-old take pictures for me, so I was totally too busy making sure he didn’t drop the camera to get a good shot of my birthday necklace. But you can see it pretty well here:
My babies picked it out all by themselves! Isn’t it adorable? :)
I had such a great birthday! Thank you to the sweetest man on the planet. His love for me was made even more evident this weekend by how many hours he spent following me around thrift stores. :)
{not to mention all the planning of our date and weekend!}
I’m seriously blessed to have such a selfless, loving husband.
What a gift he is!
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  1. Guess what? You where in MY Goodwill! I live 3 mins away from that store, when I saw the picture, before I scrolled down I knew exactly where you were! I could have seen you! From now on when I see that you are going to make a trip to Big D I am going to GW everyday and ask them "Have you seen a gorgeous redhead in here?"

  2. Happy Birthday!

    Love your blog and love that you share your thriftiness! I do have a question though. I understand thrifting for the sake of dressing your self, kids, etc. I even understand finding a coach purse fixing it up and selling it for a profit. However, I have a hard time with the bumbo chair. I understand buying it if you were going to use it for a baby...but buying it only to sell it just makes me wonder...wouldn't a struggling mother who has to shop Goodwill b/c she has no other choice of loved to buy that to actually USE it? We all know that there are many mommas that would never be able to afford a new bumbo...I am not trying to criticize but would love to hear your take. Of course I still love your blog! :)

  3. happy happy birthday my thrifty friend! love love going from goodwill to hilton :) awesome!

  4. I used to live near DFW. I think I've been to the Good Will in Mesquite! Thanks for sharing your finds. Happy Birthday!

  5. Found you through The Pleated Poppy!! Your hair is gor-gee-us...seriously lady!

  6. Visiting from WIWW. Love your hair! It's gorgeous! :-)

  7. Clicked over from the big 31 days list, and I am in LUHV with your series. Super, super, really fun.

    Glad to find your little space.

  8. That Goodwill looks fantastic! Glad you had a fun birthday weekend!

  9. Happy (belated) Birthday! You and your outfits are adorable! I LOVE that hubby even gets in on the thrifted deals!

  10. I love all the stripes, and your red hair is beautiful!!!

  11. love your striped shirts! so cute!! looks like a great a great outfit! ;)


  12. Thank you sweet lady! we did indeed! :D

  13. Oh, thank you Natalia! You're so sweet!!

  14. Aww, thank you! :D you too!!

  15. i'm so glad u had an amazing w/e birthday celebration! isn't it wonderful that God blessed us with such great hubbies?

  16. Happy birthday friend!! Looks like y'all had a swell time!

  17. I can't get enough of your hair! I am drawn to your picture in the link ups everytime because of your hair, I love it! Gorgeous color, gorgeous style, love it!

  18. Happy Birthday honey and I love your outfits so chic.....But your hair is amazing, I hope mine will grow up to be like your one day. Have a great week lovely. ax


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