day 20: finding mysterious treasure {31 days of thrifting}

I was at Goodwill the other day and spotted this shiny new box:

Now I know absolutely zero about golf.

But the balls were brand new in the package and the box seemed to be very high quality, so I thought they might be worth something.  They were priced at $6.99 because they were missing a sleeve of 3 balls.

I know it might seem a little crazy that I would even think of buying a $7 box of golf balls when we don't play golf.

But here's the fun part- thanks to my handy dandy little smart phone, I looked up Titleist Pro V1 golf balls on the internet and found them on Amazon for $54 a dozen {$4.50 per ball!}. Another quick search {okay, extremely sloooow search on my little low-end phone} revealed that someone on eBay had sold an identical box with three unopened sleeves for $30.

So I bought them.

I took them home, snapped an iPod pic, wrote one sentence about them and uploaded them to eBay in five minutes.

They sold that week for $28 plus shipping.

Not really a huge profit after taxes and fees, but it was definitely worth my five minute investment!

thrifting tip #13:

be on the lookout for any kind of valuable item you can resell.

If you have time, try to keep your eyes out for high quality items. After you've thrifted for a while, your "expensive" radar will sound the alarm when you've spotted something nice, even if you aren't looking for that kind of item.

If you find something that looks valuable but you're not sure what it's worth, do a search on your phone, or call your husband if he's not busy and ask him to do a search on the internet for you. It's definitely helpful to know the market for your "field" of items, but sometimes, like golf balls, you won't be sure, so use technology to your advantage.

If you don't have those resources available, you can take the chance that it might not be there later, then go home and do a more thorough search to see if the item is something you can resell.

{Some stores will hold items for you- in that case, ask the manager if they can hold the item until you return later that day. If you decide against it, call the store and let them know you changed your mind, and won't be able to buy it after all.}

Always keep your eyes open, and if you can, know your find's worth before you buy.

Then- even if it's only a few dollars at a time- you can be thrifting for profit!

I so love getting paid to shop!

How about you?

I know some of you do- oh my goodness, you guys should read some of the stories in the comments! I love it!!! So much fun!


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  1. it's should i have sent that to ur email?

  2. yay!!! I'm so excited for you! I can't wait to read along!!

  3. WOW! that's soooo cool!! I love it! do you have a link? I would love to feature it this week or next if you do! great deal!

  4. I think you can sell on ebay without having a lot of feedback, as long as your prices are good, you shouldn't have a problem. People will buy it if it's cheaper than everyone else's! :D Thank you for reading along! I'm excited your are thinking about selling!

  5. Oh, that's hilarious! It almost makes you want to tell them doesn't it? or feel sorry for the person that buys it!! LOL! so glad you found a great deal on a purse!

  6. that's awesome!! Wow!! I totally agree about the making a profit- it makes it that much more fun! :) great job!!

  7. You go girl! I bought a Tommy Hilfiger purse today at GW and hope to sell it on eBay, but if not I'll use it. :)
    Also, a story you'll appreciate- the GW I was in had some side tables from IKEA that sell brand new for $6.99ish- they were dingy white in the GW for $19.99 each! I laughed so hard at that!

  8. I haven't ever done anything like this, but your blog just makes me smile Mandy! I love thrifting but have never done it for profit.

    Hmmm... Have you sold a lot on ebay...I mean, can you sell stuff easily as a beginner? I don't have much history on ebay, so would people buy from me?

  9. On Tuesday I made a quick run into the local consignment shop. Usually I take time to really browse, but this day I was after a specific item. But....on my way through the store I spotted a pretty green scarf. I love scarves, so, on impulse, I bought it for $5.99 (more than I would normally pay for a scarf). When I got home I looked at the tag and realized it was cashmere! The brand name is "Vince" - totally unfamiliar to me. When I Googled it I discovered that a new Vince cashmere scarf can cost $245! I bought it to wear, not resell, but I'm almost afraid to wear something that expensive. :)

  10. i've not actually sold anything i've thrifted yet, but actually working on it. just wanted to say thanks for your blog it along with 5 days/5 ways (how i found you) as got me to blogging again! thanks!

  11. Tauja @ Simply Mod MomNovember 7, 2011 at 12:05 AM

    Wowza!! The only thing I love more than a great thrift store find is being able to make a profit off of something I scored!! I recently found a Pottery Barn Crib bumper at Goodwill and resold it on Ebay for $50 plus shipping and handling!! Love it!!

    Great post! Super tips!!

  12. my hubs and i LOVE thrifting and he is a stellar bargain finder so we got into the ebay biz earlier this year. it's so much fun and provides a nice boost to our small monthly income. right now we have a load of good winter inventory to put up for the incoming cold weather! but my favorite is the crazy, vintage finds we happen upon that wind up being "goldmines" on ebay. :D

  13. UMM I think those golf balls were in the box I dropped off a couple weeks ago at goodwill lol how close do we actually live. seriously my husband was given several brand new boxes of golf balls for christmas one year and he never used them and he finally said i could get rid of them so I took them to goodwill


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