day 23: furniture, shoes, & a designer bag:: fun reader finds {31 days of thrifting}

I’m loving your finds this week!! I’ve decided we need to plan a major thrifting get-together- wouldn’t that be so much fun?!!

To kick off our reader finds, Jennifer from The Kindle Crew had a super thrifting week- she found an eyelet bedskirt for $2, a queen-sized down comforter for $10, and this chair for $20!


She made the $4 handmade embroidery so adorable with a spray-painted frame:


And she even found an owl for $1!  {I so want to find one now! lol!}

Here’s the before and after:


Awesome job, Jennifer!! Sweet home finds!

Kelli from More Bang for Your Bucks got 6 pairs of shoes for $32- some of them brand new. Definitely a steal!! Imagine going retail- the Asics alone would be $50 minimum!


Great finds, Kelli! I love them!! I’d so love to find a pair of Asics brand new. That’s so cool!

Jessica from Hayes’ House turned her thrifted hutch from this:

into this lovely:

So, so pretty!!

And Molly B. writes in with the story on this amazing find!

Balenciaga bag

I was digging through one of those giant blue tubs on wheels at the GW and found a purse that kind of spoke to me, but it had a turquoise green ink spot on the front. When I saw that a) it was a Balenciaga and b) it was not marked up (I guess because of the stain) I decided to spend the 3 bucks and try to get the stain out myself at home with some leather cleaner.


Didn't work.

It made a hole in the leather. I was bummed, because this was a BALENCIAGA, a purse so far out of my price range it might as well have been made out of solid gold or something. So, I tried to think of a way to cover it. I took the extra leather padding thing from the handle and glued it to the front, and it covered the stain/hole, and I am rocking a uber-pricey purse in the suburbs for $3. Yay, me!

Oh, did I mention I also found an authentic, entire team signed year 2000 St. Louis Cardinals baseball for $2 that same day? That was the best thrifting day of my life so far. Maybe forever.


Okay, that seriously sounds like the best thrifting day of anyone’s life! Way to go Molly!! That is an amazing bag!! And the baseball? Wow!

Yay! I am so in awe of all of your thriftiness!! I love hearing about your sweet deals!!!

I would love to feature a few of your very best finds as well {you don’t even have to be a blogger!} so email me at mandy at biblicalhomemaking dot com and submit your photo or link with a few details! That way we can all share in the thrifty goodness!


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  1. those are some awesome finds!! luv the china hutch, such a difference!

  2. I did some thrifting this week in Waco and didn't buy anything but I did get a BRAND NEW pair of Merrell shoes (my size) for only 6 bucks at a garage sale! SWEEEEEET!

  3. i liked the hutch when it was green, lol! It's cute in white, too :)


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