day 25: a top 10 find + why I shouldn’t have bought it {31 days of thrifting}

I can’t tell you how excited I was to stumble upon one of my
top 10 all-time favorite finds:
a brand new lambskin leather jacket with the tags still attached for only…
five whole dollars.
$5. Seriously.
I nearly fainted when I saw it. We were on a girl’s thrifting weekend in Dallas, and I was on cloud nine after finding this perfect Kensie motorcycle jacket.
I had been looking for a black or brown leather coat for a while, and couldn’t find any that I liked for a reasonable price {$100 or less}. Every thrift store I went to wanted at least $30 for used, ratty leather coats. I had just about lost hope, but somehow I stumbled across this beauty at the end of a rack, and right behind it were the ugly PVC imitations for $10 or more!
It was a little too big for me in the arms and it was white, but I was not going to let that stop me from buying it. It’s resale value would be at least $40 or more, so I could make a nice profit if I sold it.
But I decided to keep it for myself and have it altered just a little to fit me. The cost for tailoring it was $20. They did a great job, and I have a beautiful leather coat for only $25!
A beautiful white leather coat…
that I never wear.
I just can’t bring myself to wear it. It’s lovely, and I want it to stay that way. I’m afraid I’ll mess it up, so I’ll go for a different one every time.
I knew I wanted a dark one, and I ended up finding a great deal on a black one I loved later on. One I can toss around and not die if the kids accidentally wiped ketchup hands on it.
But for now, the white beauty sits in my closet waiting to be worn. I probably should have resold her immediately, or not bought it in the first place.
Which leads me to a very important rule you need to know about thrifting.
thrifting tip #15:
just because it’s a great find doesn’t mean you should buy it.
Have you ever heard the phrase, “I saved so much money I’m broke?”
That’s kind of the idea- if your amazing find will not profit you or be useful to you, or if you aren’t sure of it’s purpose, or even if you really like it at all- don’t buy it.
Please don’t buy it.
This is true of almost anything, but I’ve found it’s especially true in purchasing clothing.
If you buy a great high-end blouse that doesn’t fit just right for $4, and never wear it even once, then end up donating 6 months later, you’ve just wasted $4 of your money.
If you don’t love it or have a purpose for it, you probably don’t need it. Take that $4 you nearly spent and save it or give it to a great cause. You won’t regret it. :D

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  1. awesome, i just wanted to make sure our internet is iffy at best one reason i normally email at work. one of the downsides at living in the "boondocks" of the piney woods of east texas (as my hubby corrected me the other day when i said we lived in south texas, lol).

  2. Good advice! It is so hard to walk away from "good deals", especially at the thrift store. I participated in my first clothing swap last week, and I picked up a white leather jacket (Bebe NWT). I was thinking about dying it, but the white really works with the style. It's definitely something I would have left behind at Goodwill, but because it was "free" (swapped) I grabbed it up. If I don't wear it in the next few weeks, I'm going to consign or list it ...

  3. It did, I meant to leave you a comment! I thought I did here on your link comment- that's so funny! I love book thrifting! great minds do think alike! I did get your email, I've been swamped with a bodycombat launch and business meetings, but you've inspired me to do a post on what you asked- more specifics on becoming debt free! :) will try to email you back asap! :D thanks girlie!! I love that you are here, you are always such an encouragement to me! :D

  4. so true so true. did my link ever work for you for the gw book thrifting? i also sent you an email but not sure if it went thru.

  5. I should, shouldn't I? I do like it! If I do ruin it, I could use the leather dye Jessica told me about! Yay! :D

  6. Oh my goodness!! 50 cents? for real? that's just amazing! I don't think I've ever seen a 50 cent pair of adult shoes, much less a $200 pair for that price! I'm doing the happy dance for you!! that's awesome!!

  7. dear thrifting sister...

    i just HAD to let you know that i found a pair of Dan Post cowboy boots for my hubby at our local thrift{in immaculate condition} for $.50 today!!!!!! seriously...i just bought them because they were super nice, and my hubby's size, and i have been{patiently} waiting to find him some...i had NO idea that they were $200 boots{or more}.
    i thought of you right away and had to share!

  8. Please wear your jacket! I'm sure it looks great on you and it is extra fun to wear something you got such a great deal on.

    Yes - it will probably get a mark or two (or more?) on it over time, but certainly not til you've gotten your 25 bucks worth out of it. Wear it on a date night.

    Or grocery shopping (cuz sometimes we need a mental boost for those humdrum tasks) I know I buy less junk food if I am looking good and feeling good rather than shopping in my sweats! :-)

  9. I only discovered how easy it was because no where in the Dallas area did they have the size ballet slipper my son needed in I took the free pair the store owed me in pink and hand dyed them. my fingers were black for weeks but well its almost a year later and those slippers are still black.

  10. it's hard because we feel bad, but I think the only thing we can do is learn from it for the next time! :D

  11. no way!! I had no idea!! You totally just made my night!

  12. Two Words : Leather Dye
    You can buy it for $4 a bottle (less with a coupon) at Hobby Lobby. It is messy but so worth it.

  13. absolutely true! don't know how many times i've done exactly that. and then i beat myself up over the wasted money.

  14. Wear it! When my grandmother died my Mom found many boxes of nice things that she always said "I am saving for good." My mother, who was bi polar had boxes of beautiful things, coats, shoes, nice clothes she bought but she bought so much she couldn't wear them all. One extreme to the other. Every day is a good day because God made it, and since you paid to have the coat altered today is a good day to wear it. Enjoy while you can because your days are numbered. God has blessed you with today. It is a lovely coat.

  15. Hello! I currently live in Dallas, Texas and noticed that you said you went for a thrifting weekend in Dallas! I've been looking for thrift shops to explore and I'm new to the area so I have no idea! I would love any suggestions!
    P.S. You're seriously an inspiration and I'm extremely blessed to have found your blog.
    Thanks so much!

  16. Hello! I just moved to Dallas recently and I noticed you live in Texas and had a thrifting spree in Dallas! I've been looking for places to thrift in the area and would love any recommendations!
    P.S. Your blog is an inspiration and it's a blessing that I have found it!
    Thanks so much! Amanda


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