day 27: pottery barn on a thrift store budget {31 days of thrifting}

I am so thankful for thrift stores because I get to purchase unique home décor on a tiny budget. The only catch of thrifting home goods is that you never know what you will find on any given visit.
That’s why I think it’s so important to have an idea of your style and what you’d like to see in your home before you thrift.
Having a broad vision of your room design with specific ideas from the web, catalogs, or magazines will help you find items at the thrift store that you can use in your home.
Pinterest is one of the very best places to collect your design ideas. You can make a virtual pin board of things you like there, and once you start “pinning” your favorite images, you start to see themes appear- like certain colors that appeal to you or furniture styles you tend to like more.
I like to “pin”the old-fashioned way with print catalogs too. I love poring over my Pottery Barn, Ballard Designs, and Restoration Hardware catalogs {all three have a very traditional look- I’ve found that unity in color and shape in room design makes me happy!}.
I glance through my catalogs every time I get them in the mail, taking note of things I like that I can possibly replicate.
When I picked up the West Elm catalog a few months ago, I fell in love with these baskets on the wall because of their fun texture and uniqueness:
Of course I could never spend the $30-$40 they were asking for one wall basket.
Okay, so you know I was doing the happy dance when I saw these baskets for 99 cents each at Goodwill!
Why thank you, Goodwill, I’ll take that $78 savings. :)
The funny thing is, if I hadn’t looked at the catalog a few weeks before, I would’ve never picked up those gigantic rattan bowl/discs. I wouldn’t have known what to do with them! Keeping the bigger vision in mind gave what seemed to be odd looking baskets a purpose in my home.
Having a color scheme/style for your room in mind will help you find accessories too. I loved these striped pillows from Pottery Barn:
And what did I find at Goodwill for $4? Striped pillows almost identical to my favorite PB ones!
Pottery Barn striped pillow: $41
Goodwill pillow: $4
Whoop! :)
thrifting tip #17:
keep your design vision in mind as you thrift for home décor.
Try to keep a book or a pin board of your favorite design ideas. Knowing what you like before you shop will make your thrifting trips more successful, and replicating and recreating the design of others can give you specific ways and ideas to use the {very} random items you’ll find at the thrift store.
I have so much more luck finding items when I keep my decorating style in mind, don’t you? I like to think of my style as Pottery Barn on a thrift store budget! :)
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  1. love love love your living room! those pillows are amazing! {it all is, though} :D

  2. Beautiful! Yes, Pinterest is an awesome place for all sorts of things!


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