day 30: thrifty reader finds {31 days of thrifting}

Day 30- wow- I can’t believe this month is nearly over! I have to admit I’m a little excited about November because life will slow down around here {or at least I’m hoping it will!}. I think we packed almost every event into the month of October that we could. It was crazy. I can handle about 21 days of going non-stop, then I start to break! ha! ;) November, here we come!
But for now, our last Sunday of October, I’m excited to bring you one more round-up of fun reader finds!

To start us off, Mary Beth from for His pleasure writes in with some super cute thrifting finds, like this free yard sale cart she transformed!

from this:

to this!

and the $3 tin organizer she restored:

And take a look at how she made her 25 cent mugs into a fall centerpiece:

She did such a great job making her thrifting finds into beautiful pieces, didn’t she? You can check out more of her fun thrifting finds here!

And I love this reader find- you guys remember my ginormous $5 ladle?


Well, Emily D. writes in with a find that made me smile!

I'm from Kansas City, MO, and around here, we have GW, Salvation Army, and another fairly large chain called Red Racks (supports Disabled American Veteran's)...anyway, Red Racks is in my regular rotation and today I happened to stop in to see what I could find and I happened upon an enormous golden ladle that is very similar, if not identical, to yours!


I thought it was funny...apparently, at least two people recently decided that they didn't have a need for ginormous ladles and donated them. Also, you apparently DID get a deal on yours because the one I found had originally been priced at $8.98 (although it has been marked down a couple of times now.). Anyway, just thought it was funny that there was more than one huge ladle out there, just waiting for a new home. I passed on this one - nowhere to put it!

How cool is that? I wonder if giant ladles were really popular at one time?? Thanks for sending us a pic, Emily! I love it!

And if you love thrifted clothing finds like I do, I think you will enjoy reading my real life bestie’s blog, Secondhand or Bare Bottom, where she posts her totally thrifted or free outfits every week!

Her entire outfit in this pic added to only $15!

I totally credit Abbie for getting me started in the thrifting world! Years ago, I couldn’t find anything at Goodwill on my first visit, so I never went back. She’d been thrifting forever and kept telling me that I would like it, so I caved and came out with a huge cart full of finds on my first time back! So, thank you Abbie, for convincing me to try it again! My house {and wardrobe!} would be empty without you! ;)
Happy Sunday, friends!
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  1. Thanks for posting my finds! I linked back to you today on my blog. Thoroughly enjoyed your series!

  2. Awww, thanks for the shout-out, Mandy! And I'm so glad I convinced you to go back and give it a try again because you are now a master-thrifter...heck, master of it enough to blog about for 31 straight days! You rock, chica! : )

  3. After reading your blog yesterday, I took a trip to GW and a local thrift store where I purchased 4 pairs of almost new looking jeans (Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic & American Eagle). The total for all 4 pairs was $18! I am so excited about my finds that I am going to be making weekly trips to check it out and see what other awesome deals I can find! Thank you for inspiring me!

  4. I just wanted to say thank you. I have really enjoyed finding your blog through this 31 days going on everywhere. I really loved that you followed through on all the days and had such great inspiration and ideas for thrifting. I love your site, thanks.


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