day #4- seeing green {31 days of thrifting}

Day #4 find as seen in the big office reveal:


green crushed velvet chair= $40, pillow $4

While it wasn’t as screaming of a deal as some I’ve gotten, I was really happy about buying this little chair because it was in good shape for a vintage velvet armchair, it was the right size for my space, and it was far less than $300 {which is what almost all cute retail armchairs cost, or more}!

It’s the perfect shade of funky light green, it matches more than one room’s color scheme, and it’s exactly the perfect size for me! I can’t count the number of mornings I’ve curled up in this soft little chair for coffee and Bible reading.


thrifting tip #3:

Watch your back. Or at least your shopping cart.

So you’ve landed the motherload- the lamp you’ve always dreamed of, a KitchenAid stand mixer for $12, and the best pair of skinny jeans you’ve ever tried on. Then you spot a pair of Jimmy Choo’s and you sprint to the shoe rack, leaving everything behind for

But sadly they were 7.5’s and you’re a 9 {does that happen to you too??? the cute shoes are always too small!}, so you turn back and see that your buggy {as we say here in the South} is missing your sweet KitchenAid.

And suddenly, you see it. In the checkout lane. In the arms of another.

Now this didn’t actually happen to me {I might not’ve ever recovered!}, but many things like it have- you just never know when you will turn around and someone will be digging in your cart, trying to find their very own thrifted treasure!

Stand by it, all the time. Man your buggies, my friends, or your goods will quickly become someone else’s…

So did you ever lose an item to an overzealous thrifter? Or did you have a pair of Jimmy Choo’s {figuratively speaking, of course} that got away? :)

{I once found an adorable pair of Coach shoes in size 8 that I came thisclose to buying even though I could barely squeeze my foot in!}

tomorrow: dressing up GW style!

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  1. got a ? - please dont be offended but did your chair come with that "thrift store" smell? if so how did you get rid of it? there is a pair of awesome wood/upholstered chairs that i want sooo bad but they have that smell and i'm afraid to buy them worrying that i may not be able to get rid of it. but they are perfect (i'm 5'0" on a good day and these allow me to touch the ground - woohoo!) but i dont wanna waste $85 if i cant get rid of it. any help on that issue would be soooo appreciated!

  2. I LOVE your game table in the picture. Did you get that thrifting? You have really inspired me to start thrift shopping again. There are some great treasures out there and it is so rewarding to figure out how much you can save. Your blog is such a blessing! Thank you :)

  3. I have that EXACT chair from Goodwill, only it's a hideous orangey-yellow! I've had it for 5 years and it's moved with me 4 times!! It even made the trans-atlantic trip when the Army brought us to Germany!! My husband hates the way it looks, but he can't deny that it's the most comfortable seat in the house!!

  4. I haven't had anything "stolen" from me, but I have also followed someone around hoping they would put something down. They didn't. :) {And I don't even remember what it was, so I obviously didn't need it! lol}

  5. I love the chair and pillow. They look so comfy. My friend hesitated to pick up a little guitar while at GW. We ended up following the people around hoping they would put the guitar down. It was embarassing that we turned into stalkers.

  6. I agree with the shoes!! There are some ADORABLE shoes at our local GW that I have longingly gazed at for 3 weeks now. Adorable moss green flats with a cute little buckle. Alas. They are size 6.5 and I am a 9.5. *sigh*

  7. The cute shoes are always the wrong size! I was heartbroken when I found Salvatore Ferragamo flats that were 2 sizes too small. I cursed my big feet in that moment.

  8. Andrea@Oasis AccentsNovember 7, 2011 at 12:11 AM

    I have actually picked something (a large stock pot) out of a cart that I thought was abandoned. There wasn't anyone within 20-30 feet of the cart. While I was standing in line to pay, a woman came up to me and said "That's mine". Being the nice person, I handed it over but did consider telling her she shouldn't have left it unattended. What would you have done?


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