day 8: spray paint is your friend {31 days of thrifting}

 I have a thing for bird cages.
So when I saw this metal one in a dull brown for $3.99, I was more than happy to bring it home and give it a coat of pretty gray. Did you notice how crazy expensive these things are at Marshall’s and Ross? The same one would probably go for $20+!
I added mossy rocks {from Wal-Mart, $2} for contrast, and then put my little ensemble up on the mantle! Cute birdcage décor for $6- I’ll take it! :D
thrifting tip #6:
make spray paint your new best friend.
If something isn’t the right color for your room, don’t be afraid to spray paint it. I’ve spray painted almost all of my furniture and frames, light fixtures, and even some of my lamps {don’t like golden bronze? go for white!}. I’ve even spray painted fabric before!
Lowe’s and Wal-Mart both have a great selection of colors. Teal, turquoise, peacock blue, gray, funky green- you’d be surprised by what you’ll find there! I prefer Valspar and Rustoleum over other brands because they coat better. Really, you can make anything look new with a little paint! It will open your eyes to a whole new world of thrifting possibilities! :D
Ok, so are you a spray paint person too?
{don’t feel bad if you are-I have an entire plastic tote full of cans! I should buy stock in Rustoleum! ha!}
I’d love to see some of your transformations! If you have one you’d like to share feel free to leave a link for us in the comments!  
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  1. i have this bracelet i bought at GW a few years ago that has the cutest cellioud (sp?) and brass birdcage on it. it is too sweet, isnt it amazing how birdcages make us feel so calm? i think its picturing the sweet little delicate birds that would go in them.

  2. I know, I feel the same way!! Love it! :D

  3. It did! You guys did awesome! :D

  4. Definitely go for the aqua! You won't regret it! :D I love your two colors too- they were my gateway spray paint colors! hheehee

  5. Oh, I can't wait to share with everyone!

  6. Ohh, great ideas!! Much better than my plastic bin! I'm going to have to try it! Thanks! :D

  7. I love it! Ok, I need to find an owl now! :D Thank you for sharing and reading along!

  8. so pretty! i'm just now starting to realize how great spray paint is! i transformed a brassy 70's tri-picture (3 pic frames togather) into a communication hub for our family, one side has notes, one side has a weekly menu and the center has a calender. you can use a dry erase marker on the glass so its all perpetual. did u want us to send u a pix to ur email or click the (+ Image) thing to the left down below?

  9. i too, love spray paint! :-) oil rubbed bronze and white are my colors of choice, although i'm seriously debating getting some aqua! oh, and i really like chalkboard paint, too!

  10. I <3 spray paint! And I <3 the birdcage! Here is my latest spray paint project: -it's my childhood dresser so spray painting was a HUGE risk in my opinion- that's why I let my hubby do most of it. :)
    It turned out great!

  11. I became a fan of spray paint after I bought my house. I started spray painting everything, the outside light post, a lamp, heat registers, even my dining room chairs. Everything became something new, and so cheap to do!

  12. I too am a spray paint lover! :) Recently I made over this owl:

    And I love thrifting. So of course I am enjoying your 31 Days posts so far! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Andrea@Oasis AccentsNovember 7, 2011 at 12:11 AM

    Love spray paint!! Here are my 2 tips...I almost always get my spray paint from the Habitat for Humanity ReStore for $1 per can. They are almost always full cans. My second tip is for storing paint...the cans fit perfectly in the 6pk holders for beer bottles or 4pk wine coolers. If you don't drink maybe one of your friends or family does. Or you can check with your local restaurant. I separate in one, white in another, primer etc. Hope this helps. Love the birdcage too!!

  14. I so totally approve! Lo- oove me some spray paint - and paint in general ! tweeting this now!!!

  15. I would love to begin spray painting things. Do you mind to share some safety and helpful tips? Thank you


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