monday update :: share your feast + so vintage market + more

It’s Monday! I’m excited about the new week! I think the four-day weekend made coming back to Monday a little easier, don’t you? It was such a wonderful weekend!

It all started with Thanksgiving preparations last Wednesday- it was basically a massive cooking spree for Thursday’s lunch! If you follow along on facebook, you might’ve seen my cooking updates and grocery pics along the way. :D It was a big spread- 22 lbs. of turkey, mashed potatoes, artisan bread, fudge, two cakes, cookies, ham, rolls, veggies, and more!

We were blessed to be able to share our feast with a sweet single mom from Kenya and her 15 month old. She fit right in with the family, and we got to hear her story and get to know her more over the few hours she was here. Very exciting! It was so cool to make a new friend!

A couple of other friends and lots of family came over at different points in the day, so we got to kick back and enjoy each other’s company. I was so completely involved in everything, I only took one picture!

Yeah, so here’s our only Thanksgiving pic- it’s of our guest that didn’t stay around too long. ;)


We did get the tree up this weekend though- we let the kids decorate it mostly, can you tell? ;)


And since Friday night I’ve been tearing up my living room and dining room getting ready for the So Vintage Market at my house this coming weekend!


My living room will be overtaken {in a good way!} with adorable vintage finds, furniture, lamps, mirrors, and more all day Friday and Saturday, and half of the Market’s profit goes to Parental Care Ministries! If you are in the East Texas area, I would love to see you!! Email me for directions if you think you might be able make it!

Oh, and would you guys please pray for our week around here? We are going to be crazy busy, and I’m praying that our week will be productive, peaceful, and honoring to the Lord, even in the midst of lots and lots of big things to get done with lots of little ones running around. I would be so grateful if you would pray for us too!

I hope you have an awesome week! I’m so thankful for you all of you!! :D

P.S. only three days left to enter to win the winter glam package!