october 2011 giveaway winner

Okay, I loved your entries for the October giveaway!! I was amazed at your deals and some of your craziest store finds!

Here are just a few of the craziest you guys listed:

used unmentionables{eek!}, a smoked monkey, live animals on the loose! a used toothbrush cleaner {ew!} and a real stuffed dog! Oh, there were so many more! You guys cracked me up all month long! :D

So out of 169 total entries, the winning entry chosen from random.org is:

Susan Crawford Mongeau -i saw partially used bottles of suave shampoo selling for $.75 each!!! seriously, used shampoo!!! but despite that one crazy thrift store, i am hooked....just today i found a battat magnifying bug jar with tongs for a quarter!!! my girls love it!

Used bottles of Suave?? What were they thinking? Oh my goodness! I think they are only $1 to begin with! Wow. I wonder if they sold them? ;) I’m so glad that didn’t keep you from thrifting again! :D

Congratulations on winning the girl’s night in package! Look out for an email from me, Susan! :D

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