silver star flower wreath tutorial

Do you have a Christmas wreath? If not, you can make this one for less than $5! It’s a sparkly holiday version of my webster’s flower wreath.


Here’s what you start with:

:: straw wreath or strong paper plate ::
:: cake circle or round cardboard ::
:: shiny wrapping paper ::
:: glue gun ::
:: optional embellishment- ornament or small mirror ::
:: scrap paper for template ::
:: optional hanging ribbon ::
Start with your leaf template- fold a scrap piece of paper in half and draw this basic shape.
Take your pretty wrapping paper and double it over so you can cut out two leaves at a time. You may want to watch a movie or listen to something, because depending on the size of your wreath you’ll need a bunch of these! {mine was 12 inches in diameter}. It also helps if your sister-in-law comes over and doesn’t mind cutting leaves while you glue! Thanks, Cayse!! ;)
Glue the cardboard circle on to your wreath form. This is where you could really cut corners and use a Chinet or Dixie plate as your wreath base. No one will know and you could save $2.50. Hey!

Turn it over and start gluing your paper leaves on. You will have to fold the bottom in like a little wrinkle/pleat to keep it from rolling back. Overlap each one just a bit.

Do a couple of rows and turn that baby over and start going around the top, doing the same thing.

Keep going!

You can make a green circle for the inside, use an ornament, or my favorite, a compact mirror you have in your purse:

Glue it on in the center, add a hanging ribbon if you like and…


You’ve got a sparkly, thrifty Christmas wreath!


I do believe it’s my new favorite craft! :D


  1. What a beautiful wreath!! I recently discovered your blog and have really enjoyed checking it out. I think I was instantly drawn to you b/c we both have curly hair!!!


  2. Hi. I just ran across your blog and decided to link up my 2 wreaths! I absolutely love yours!! Thanks for hosting!

  3. Hi Mandy! I just discovered your blog and decided to link up! Thanks so much for hosting this great party! I am your newest follower! I hope you'll follow me, too! Many blessings to you!

  4. Oops! I linked up in all the excitement before I made my wreath! I am sorry!!!

  5. Love your wreath. I am a computer ignoramus, so I can't get the blog button right, but I've shared my wreath.

  6. your wreaths are gorgeous Ginger! Love them!! I think if you copy and paste all that code then click the html while you are in the post editor, then scroll to the bottom and copy and paste that code into it,. it should work. Thanks so much for linking up!!

  7. Oh no problem! Just send me your wreath link when you have it and I will fix it for you. :D I'm glad someone else is as excited about it as I am! so much fun!

  8. Your wreath is SUPER FUN! I love it LOTS!!! Thanks so much Mandy for hosting!!! I'm excited to be "Blogging around the Christmas Tree" with you!!! I'm your newest follower and would love for you to come for a visit and return the "love" sometime soon!

    XO, Aimee

  9. Hey girlie! Ok, I am so totally in love with your site! I can't wait to look around! I'm your newest follower too! So glad to "meet" you- how much fun hosting this together! :D

  10. Hi, this is my first time at this party, and I'm excited to join in with my Christmas wreath. I'll add you to my linky party blog roll and join you each week!



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