so vintage market {part 2}

Ready for more of the So Vintage Market story? I shared a few pictures before, but I have to tell you the rest of the story! :)


I had never hosted an event like this before {unless you count garage sales!}. It was my first antique show! I love funky, unique vintage things and I wanted to pass them along at an affordable price to others too, so this summer I had the idea and ran it by a few friends that had either shopped or sold in the field. They gave it the thumbs up as a good one, and the husband gave me his approval, so I started working toward it- buying and refinishing projects just for the market.


It wasn’t until a couple of months later when we decided to give half of the profits to Parental Care Ministries that I started to get really excited about the whole thing! It actually made it way more fun than just doing it for us!


My husband was a rock star during the two weeks before the market. He painted lots of things for me, set up the bank account, a register, and even a debit card machine. He even helped me with cleaning, which was huge. He is my hero.

And I would’ve been tagging and pricing and recording items until the wee hours of the morning the night before the market if it weren’t for Abbie! She came over for hours the night before to help! She even subbed my fitness class so I could run the market too! What an awesome friend!

Recognize that cute little girlie with the longest, prettiest hair I’ve ever seen on a one-year-old? :)

I asked you guys for your prayers the week before the market- and I have to tell you- it was the most joyful, stress-less event I’ve ever done. It was amazing! God was so good to us!! Thank you for praying! I had so many sweet people willing to help, like Alison and Lindsay from church, and my sis-in-law Cayse who brought me Diet Dr. Pepper!

The first day of the market, I got to meet my sweet blogging friend Jennifer! She was as sweet in person as she is on her blog! Such a beautiful lady, inside and out! I was so excited when she said she might be able to make it! Now we are real-life friends too! :D So cool!


And I got to meet my new friend Margo! She has a very cool antiquing blog, Margo’s Junkin’ Journal. She is so, so creative- I was so excited to meet her! I love her spindle tree and her DIY projects are all so cool and original! You should check them out!

Oh, and I got to see my other sweet bloggy friend, Amanda again! And her husband! We met in Hobby Lobby randomly the first time and recognized each other almost immediately! And we were just blogging friends- we didn’t even know we were practically neighbors!

Amanda and David are so amazing- they’ve recently taken three older boys into their home- I am just blown away by their heart for children! Going from a family of two to five in one day- how cool is that?


My vision for the market was a to have place that my friends {old and new} could come and hang out, visit and drink coffee while they shopped. And that’s what happened. I couldn’t have been more thrilled! Here’s my precious friend Morgan who always has a smile on her face! She’s seriously one of the most joyful people I know! {she was in the kitchen knitting a hat to go toward PCM donations!}. Love her!


Speaking of PCM,  thanks to some very generous donors and 50% of the market’s profit, the market raised a total of $1648 for orphans in Uganda! I was so blown away! I really didn’t expect that at all! So, so exciting! And another very neat thing- we got to spread the word about what Parental Care Ministries is doing to lots of people who’d never heard of it. Praise God!

The market was such a great experience- I’m so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family that came to help, shop and visit, and even donated to PCM.

I loved every minute of it- and Saturday night I slept like a baby!


Oh, and Ava did too. :)

Happy Monday, friends! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas week!


  1. Wow this looks wonderful! Hope I can make it next year. :)
    And wow, what a great fund-raiser!

  2. love all the pics. this is my first time EVER to have my picture taken with a celebrity...and to know we are real-life it!!!! so glad we were able to come. hoping to hook up again soon. maybe i'll run into you at hobby lobby one day too. merry christmas, friend.

  3. Mandy, what an awesome idea!! I'm so delighted to hear that you were so successful!! It sounds like it was an amazing time! Thanks so much for sharing!! I wish you and your family a Very Merry Christmas! God bless you!

  4. Thank you Shenita!! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas as well!

  5. Bahahahaaa!! You crack me up! Yes, we must get together again and soon! Merry Christmas to you too, sweet lady! :D


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