thrifty on thursday :: quick and easy lunch pizzas

I’m so, so thankful for you guys and your sweet and encouraging comments on Tuesday’s post! I can’t tell you how blessed I feel to have the community of sisters in Christ that we do here on the web! I am just so blown away by the Holy Spirit working in our hearts, giving the unity and love and encouragement that He does to His people. Ahhh!! :D I wish I could hug all of your necks! I love you guys!! It’s just so, so, cool. :D

My general idea for Thursdays here is to blog about something thrifty- usually it will be about thrifting itself or a great deal I found, something that helps us to be thrifty with our money and time here at our house, or something crazy I’ve found on the web that I think you guys will love too! Sound okay? :)

Today’s topic: our version of kid’s deli pizza!
my idea of quick lunchtime pizzas….if I had a live-in chef anyway…
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I think the thing that surprised me the most about having little ones was how much they eat! They are 8, 6, 4, and 2 and they can pretty much all outdo me in the eating department! I can make them and they are still hungry. When we eat cereal for breakfast, the kids alone can easily go through a box every two days {and they aren’t even the fun kid cereals!}.

And then pizza! Even at the Walmart price of $5-6, I couldn’t afford to buy them frozen pizza if I wanted to- they’d need about three of them to get full! Homemade is our favorite pizza and the most filling by far, but that’s usually reserved for special dinners or family nights, so pizza for lunch is pretty rare at our house.

I needed to make a quick lunch for the kids the other day {they were hungry –again- go figure!}. I had hot dog buns at the end of their lifespan, so I pulled them out, along with my pizza sauce and mozzarella cheese. {by the way, Contadina is the best store-bought pizza sauce I’ve ever tried! It’s very good!}.

I squeezed the pizza sauce on the buns, topped them with cheese, and that was it. So easy.

I set the oven to 450 to let them bake for a few minutes, and ended up with deli-style kids pizzas {you know- the ones that cost $4 that come with a small pouch of cookies? Yes, we’ve bought those too. And it was painful! :P}. The cost: around $1.25 for 5 pizzas.

The kids loved the “homemade” version, and what do you know- they were full at the end of lunch! I saved lots of money by not buying frozen pizzas, and hey, they were much easier to make than seven sandwiches! :D

What do you like to do for quick lunches for the kids? I’d love to hear your ideas!


  1. Noah is only 1.5 so he doesn't eat pizza yet, but my husband and I like making wholewheat tortilla pizzas sometimes. That's an easy and fast way to make one or two small pizzas each and we can each choose the topping we prefer. We use store bought tortillas and usually go with ketchup or ketchup style chili sauce and then add different toppings and cheese. :) I love having homemade pizza salad on the side, preferably made with red cabbage for extra color and antioxidants. :)

  2. Wow! that's awesome that your kids love the veggies. mine have a couple of their favorite vegetables but won't branch out much! i love the smiley face idea!

  3. Yum!! and the homemade pizza salad sounds amazing! What do you put on it?

  4. Love this idea and will totally be doing it! Thanks for sharing.

  5. We love using whole wheat pita bread or whole wheat flat breads. When my kids were smaller, I'd chop up some fresh spinach (from a box or bag) and shred a little carrot and hide it under the cheese:) Now that they're a little older, they don't mind adding lots of veggies. We usually top with an olive smiley face.

  6. great idea....

  7. mmmmm I do too!! with a little garlic salt- yum!

  8. My husband usually goes for toppings like ham, turkey or tuna, maybe some tomatoes and onion and then the cheese and a sprinkle of oregano on top. I use turkey sometimes, or I skip protein topping and add more cheese. I like tomatoes and onion and sometimes I add banana slices and some curry. We also make taco pizzas sometimes, by topping with quorn mince with taco seasoning. Then we might add some pickled peperoncini too.

    The pizza salad I make is just basic - cabbage, some black pepper, a little bit of salt (we usually add salt when we sit down to eat since my husband doesn't like it so he skips it), some white wine vinegar and some oil, either in the proportions suggested on the vinegar bottle or probably more often with a little bit less vinegar since we both have sensitive stomachs. So I'd say just follow your own taste preferences. :) If you want a salad that tastes more like regular pizza salad (at least as it tastes here in Sweden) you can find recipes online that use acetic acid type vinegar, oil, sugar and seasoning. I love these cabbage salads as it's easy to prepare a larger amount and it keeps in the fridge for a few days. :)


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