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Okay, so I was not a very good Black Friday shopper this year- Goodwill was the only place I really shopped! They had a very rare coupon {$5 off $30} and lots of new Target surplus items out for sale, so I got everything in this picture for $28! :D

The 5-piece suitcase set was brand new and only $19.99! I was thrilled to find it, since our set was falling apart at the seams. The big canvas lampshade from Target was $4, the folder was .49, the basket was $2, and the platter was $2. The Christmas items only added to a couple of dollars, and with the $5 coupon it all came to less than $30.


Very exciting, and I only had to stand in line for 20 minutes! My mom and I did venture to a couple of other stores later, but I only found one clearance shirt, and that was enough shopping for me. ;)

So did you score any great deals last week? Or Cyber Monday ones? 

I just love hearing about great deals, don’t you?! It’s kind of like how men talk about sports- they all love to hear about that awesome score! :D

If you did anything thrifty {frugal/money-saving} this week or you wrote about your Black Friday deals, come and link up or share with us in the comments! {It’s an impromptu party! Those are the best kind, right? heeehee…} No rules, just fun! :)

I’ll leave the linky up for the next week if you decide to blog about thrifty things!

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  1. i had coffee with a friend today who wanted to stop in at Loft for shoes. i went just to accompany since I am almost wholly a thrifter when it comes to clothes these days, but lo and behold they had a big sale and i scored a wool/acrylic dress for $11! Originally $79 - I couldn't believe the deal, and I just so happened to have recently found some great brown boots and a brown belt at our local thrift store that totally finished the outfit. :) $24 outfit altogether.

  2. I love shopping at did great with that purchase.....I found you through Margo(Margo's Junkin Journal). I like your blog so I will be visiting more.....blessings

  3. haha good will was my choice of black friday shopping too! my hubby tells me i have goodwill-itis, i research each area we are going to be in and we must hit majority (if not all GW's) in that area. but i got some awesome devotional books for ladies that are brandnew - with cd's for $.79! some new (to us - whenever i say new i always mean to us lol)dvd's to keep little guy's attention on our roadtrip back home. and clothes - of course clothes - i swear i think he grows a new size each day!

  4. Love your deals!!!! I'm a thrifty lover too!!! Loved and shopped since I was a kid growing up!! That luggage is an awesome find! Where else could you get a brand new set of luggage for $20?!!!
    Love your blog! I'm your newest follower!! Woohoo! #300!!! Congrats!


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