thrifty thursday :: the deals are heating up

We live in a home built in 1895- which means we pretty much have zero insulation anywhere. The upside: we live in Texas, so the winters here are mild in comparison to much of the US. The downside: when it’s cold {or hot!} outside, it’s just as cold {or hot!} inside!

Now I’m a total weenie when it comes to the cold, so when it’s less than 55 outside you can find me snuggled up in my chair beside my new best friend:


It was a Target surplus item that I bought brand new at Goodwill for $20!

They originally were asking $30, but the manager reduced it down to $20 for me, since it was missing a piece of one of the back legs {it’s in our fireplace, so you can’t even tell!}. I’d been looking for a pretty electric heater just like it for our fireplace and found they cost anywhere from $90 to $150 new! This one is the closest to it I could find at Target for $104:

Got to love Goodwill! We scored a cute heater, saved $80, and we all get to stay a little warmer this winter! Now that’s hot! {heheh. I couldn’t resist!}. ;)

What thrifty deals have you scored lately? I’d love to hear!


  1. Perfect--especially the price!

  2. wow that's an awesome deal! I found a toy chest for my daughter for only 2 dollars! It needs a little TLC but after a fresh coat of paint, it will look like a million bucks! lol :)

  3. Nice! I scored a $150 Rowenta iron at our GW....I had a decent iron, but it the switch was cracked.j I was actually looking for a bigger crockpot, and made one back trip down the aisle to make sure that I didn't miss anything...and found the iron!!!!! $7.00! My mom was just as excited as I was!

  4. I can't even believe that I found, I decided to stop in at a Salvation Army store that I rarely shop at. I overheard a woman near me talking on her phone, asking the other person whether she had a Kitchenaid mixer. I could tell from the conversation that both parties did and the woman in the store wasn't going to buy it - I promise, I wasn't poaching anyone's awesome find! - so I began hunting for it. There it was on a bottom shelf, with a sticker marked with today's date and "$17.99"! It had just been put out! It had a beater and dough hook, pour shield, and fired right up when I plugged it in. SCORE!! :)

    Awesome find on your heater...that is really nifty!

  5. no thrifty deals here in a while. I did score a piece of furniture in my granddad's barn.....hopefull this spring I can do a before and after excited about that. We can't make the 23rd...bummer...thanks for invite

  6. Wow. I love that you got that adorable heater. Wow! I need a lesson in thrifting from you!


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