fashion planning in the new year

Happy Tuesday, friends! I'm over at Roo Mag today sharing all about setting goals and planning your wardrobe purchases ahead of time this year! {oh, and you won't believe how much I paid for this brand new leather jacket from eBay! I was so excited!}

Being intentional in planning your wardrobe can save you both time and money. It’s so much simpler to get dressed in the morning when you have items in our closet you love to wear! Setting fashion goals and planning for your clothing purchases this year can both simplify your life and keep your budget in check. Read more....


  1. I'm so excited to meet you!! YAY for RooMag!

  2. Just read your article and wanted to pop over and say hello! I will be contributing to Roo Mag next month, and I'm beyond thrilled for the opportunity. Can't wait to get to know you gals more! xo


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