getting motivated to work out :: group fitness classes

Fridays are so much fun because I get to talk about two of my very favorite things: food and fitness!

And you know they go hand in hand, right? ;)

You see, this:


lets me enjoy this just a little more:

{it was my sister-in-law’s birthday and we ate this until we were stuffed! :) so, so good!}

Group fitness is one of my passions. It’s probably silly, but I get so much enjoyment out of doing it! Teaching fitness classes is fun, it's a great workout, and it helps other people to stay healthy too! And as an extra bonus, I get paid to do it! :)

It’s pretty much a dream job for me!

If you’re new to the idea of group fitness here’s what it looks like {that’s me at the front!}:


Basically you come to a studio at the gym and I get to kill you teach you how to work out with other people in the room. I teach Les Mills BODYPUMP, a group weight lifting class set to music. It’s fun and challenging all at the same time! It’s hard to explain, so here’s what it looks like {this is not me!}:

It’s incredibly fun, and by far the most motivating exercise I’ve ever done!

So last weekend I got to launch the newest choreography with this awesome team!


The theme was the 80’s, so we cut up gray t-shirts and had a little fun with it!


and of course I stole these pics from my bestie Abbie! We always snag a pic together at launch:


And we teach BODYCOMBAT together too:


Here’s what BODYCOMBAT looks like in real life {I was in the front right there- you can’t see me but the whole thing was amazing!}:

I love it. Seriously. It’s amazing.

If you are looking for motivation to work out consistently, I want to encourage you to give group fitness a try! It’s accountability, fun, work, and motivation, all wrapped up in one crazy package! Most gyms will let you sample a class and give you a trial for free, so do a search in your area and find one you want to try it out. {and if you want to try to find Les Mills classes like the ones I teach, you can do a zip code search here.}

I’ve got a bite of cake left for after lunch {the rest of it went straight to the freezer this morning!}, and BODYPUMP and BODYCOMBAT waiting for me tonight, and you know what, I’m going to enjoy them both! Whoop! :D


  1. As a former athlete, I LOVE group fitness and especially the Les Mills program!! I was so sad when my gym closed down, I haven't been able to find a group to join since then. Seriously, BodyPump is one of the toughest classes I've ever taken but I LOVED IT!!! You've inspired me to get back out there and search for another class to join!

  2. Yay for exercise so we can eat cake. I've always said I exercise so I can eat.

  3. Good for you! I found your blog through MSM and I just love what you have to say about Biblical Homemaking. God Bless! And I'm curious where you're in Texas. I'm way out west Texas.

  4. Those are my two favorite classes. I did BodyPump for awhile but now I am loving Body Combat the most.

  5. I LOVE BodyPump! Finding a teacher I adore has really helped me in keeping my workouts consistent, too! I do Skip Circuit too but need to give Combat a try...the video has taken the fear of the unknown out of it!

  6. Me too! BC is my first love! :D

  7. Thank you!!
    I'm in East Texas! :D How's the weather over there? It's been warm here!!

  8. Amen! :D Love my cake- I want to eat it too! hehee

  9. Oh, how awesome!! I love hearing stories like that! I've done all kinds of classes, and Les Mills pushes me harder and makes it more fun than any format I've tried! I'm so glad you are inspired!

  10. Oh yay! I think the teacher does make a huge difference! I can't wait to hear what you think about Combat! It's my first fitness love! :D

  11. That post just made me tired! hahaha

  12. How are you so cute? I love group fitness too, although it's been a while since I did it. My gym's times don't work all that well for my kids and me. Someday!

  13. What's your daily/weekly fitness routine these days? I think I remember reading in an old post on your blog that you at least used to exercise a LOT, daily. Just curious what you do these days and how you schedule it around everyday activities. :)

  14. Looks awesome! I used to love step far out now!...Any chance of you making a work out video? :-)

  15. Oh, that would be fun! I have no idea what I'd do for it! lol!

  16. OOOOH, Body Combat?! My gym used to offer Body Attack and then got rid of it, but still has Body Pump. I really like it but I LOVED the kickboxing class they also just cut... Body Combat sounds awesome! I just emailed my gym to pitch the idea to them. I hope we get something like that because that's an awesome, fun way to tone your arms and legs up! Girl, you are ripped! I need to do what you're doing for your arms!


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