goals update: week of january 23, 2012


Goals update from January 15:


  • make 4 more freezer meals and 2 bags of pancakes for the freezer- done- 5 meals + 3 bags!
  • clean out the refrigerator {I'm going for two shelves each day! ha!} –did four shelves and cleaned out the old food. Will keep working on it!
  • list at least 4 things on eBay {for some reason, I'm just dreading this! So thankful for their iPod app that allows me to list things easily!!} –five done, three to go.  Sold one overnight!
  • check into hotel room and plane tickets for Blissdom '12!- looked but didn’t finalize. still haven’t! 
  • do something fun with the kids- a fun project or a park trip- took the kids for lunch at McDonald’s on a cold day! They had fun!



  • memorize 3 more verses of 1 Peter 1- pretty much done! It’s needs some perfecting at the end! :P


  • work on smiling each time I ask the children to do things – did this and added please often. I saw some very good results from this- the boys have been telling me they love me even more than usual. It makes my heart happy! Nothing like that kind of sweet encouragement!

love these sweet babies...



goals for this week:

  • check into hotel room and plane tickets for Blissdom '12!- so excited- one month to go! :D
  • list two purses and one dress on eBay
  • make 4 more freezer meals
  • finish memorizing the end of 1 Peter 1:1-12
  • have friends over for dinner :D
  • work on new fitness choreography- Body Pump and Body Combat
  • spend 6-8 hours on freelance web work
  • wipe out more of the fridge- try to finish this week!
  • clean out the bottom of the oven
  • make a Goodwill trip- donation + shopping! ;)
  • enjoy these 3 Christmas gifts from my hubs: my journaling Bible during my quiet time, this book in my reading time, and my last week of my free MONTH of coffee at Starbucks! {ahhh! most awesome present ever!}


What are your goals for the week?

{Don’t you just love them! goals rock!}

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  1. I should write them down, maybeit will happen then!

  2. Goals absolutely do rock. I get so much more accomplished (especially in homeschooling) when I know what I want to finish this week. Your children are beautiful.

  3. Angel eyes! They are so gorgeous looking!
    There, I decided to write a comment since I just had to say that, haha!
    Ow, and I need a list, too. I'm behind in my Bible reading!

    Visit me:
    LeeAnne, Style N Season

  4. Where are your listings on ebay? Just curious.


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