menu plans jan 2-8, 2012

Here are our menu plans for this week:

monday: pinto beans w/cheese, and buttered bread {quick and easy!}

tuesday: quesadillas {pictured at right, from!}, chips and salsa, or maybe dinner with friends?

wednesday: taco soup {recipe and pics coming this Friday!} and tortilla chips- triple batch {2 extra for the freezer}

thursday: ham and mac and cheese x 3 {2 extra meals worth to freeze- we have a huge ham that needs to be eaten asap!}

friday: family night- pizza and a movie after we hit the gym

saturday: dinner out

sunday: breakfast for dinner- pancakes or waffles, eggs, and turkey bacon {x 3 on the pancakes for the freezer}

lunches: turkey sandwiches, hot dogs, grilled cheese sandwiches, soup, salad


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  1. I make a month's menu and most of our meals are two day meals... I have 6 kiddos at home now, a Father in law plus my husband and myself....5 of our kids take leftovers for lunch too (they do not like sandwiches). Our home is busy with Basketball and church activities as well... I have to plan months at a time otherwise we will spend more on Groceries than we can afford.

  2. What I was going to say... was so if you have anymore ideas for meals please let me know... I like to change it up and the kiddos like it too. We eat alot of pastas and lentil meals. I love using beef and pork roasts in the crockpot but am ALWAYS looking for something new!

  3. i like how you are doing the freezer meals. i never thot about doing it that way, i was going to do a "day of cooking" and tbh it was REALLY daunting to me. i'm not much of a cooker so the thot of a day or even a half day was enuff to keep me pushing it back. totally trying this idea!


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