seeing acts 29

It's been one of those mornings around here- you know the ones where you wonder why your mind can't hold a single thought, your kiddos can't focus either, you struggle to get one thing actually completed, and coffee doesn't help? Yeah. It's 11:15 and I've showered and dressed, read my devotions, fed the kids, cleaned up their mess and made cookies. If only I hadn't planned to do twice as much, I'd like that list! ha!

a different twist on cookies in a jar-
{the one thing I did finish this morning!}
Our weekend was a different one for sure. Little Haven's burial was on Saturday. We practically spent the whole weekend together as a church family- a weekend full of tears and fellowship. I'm so amazed to see what God is doing in our little church body. I'm blown away at the love my friends are showing to our pastor and his family- how they are just jumping right in, and it's so cool to see the bonds are being forged among us as we work, laugh, and cry together.

Haven's death kind of rocked our little church. We are only about 100 in number, so our church service yesterday was a special one. Instead of our usual sermon and worship, we went over Psalm 46- the psalm my friends had picked for their little Haven and the battles she fought. Between each verse we had worship and as God laid on the hearts of His people- prayer and encouragement and Scripture readings. We had an open microphone and you could feel the Holy Spirit's presence. It was so awesome.

Our church is part of the Acts 29 network, and it's been so, so cool to see this weekend what it looks like to live as the next chapter in Acts. I feel so very blessed to get to live life with these friends. They have become like family.

Tonight is Haven's celebration service. It's a service about the gospel- about Jesus- and it's a celebration of Haven's life. It's at the biggest church in town, and I know there will be unbelievers there mourning the loss of this sweet little girl.

Our prayer as a church is that those who don't believe will see Jesus in this little girl- and come to faith in Christ. I've got chill bumps right now just typing it- it's one of those things I think God has His hand all over. We're praying that it will be all for His Glory, and that His name will be made known among the people, and that He will work mightily tonight. Will you pray that along with us? Over 6000 people were praying for Haven on Facebook, and there may be over a thousand there in person tonight!

Jesus, make your glory known! HE is so, so GOOD! Praise His Holy name. He is so good to His people, and all things work for the good of those whom He has called. It's so exciting what God will do! He does not leave us or abandon us. He brings unbelievable joy in the midst of great sorrow. Oh, who could ever know the plans of our God?!!

It would be such a blessing if you would pray for the family tonight- and that people will see Jesus and come to know Him! Thank you guys!


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