monday goals & menus {week of feb. 13, 2012}

We had a chance to get out of town this weekend and head to Dallas. We ate at Freebird’s {they have legendary burritos! so.yum.}, hit about five thrift stores and World Market, and had someone look at the van we are selling while we were there!

It was so sweet of my husband to take me all over the metroplex. :) The kids did pretty well, though I’m pretty sure even Ava was saying, “not Goodwill!!” by the time we went to the third store. I’m fairly certain in 20 years the kids will all get together and say, “remember all those times mom dragged us to every Goodwill?!” ;) ha!

I didn’t find exactly what I was looking for, but I still scored a few things {more details to come on Thursday! ;)}


We have stacks of DVDs and CDs all over the house, so I was super excited to score a CD organizer for $1.99. Bonus: it had two CD’s in it and one was a Josh Groban! woot!

Project #1 this week: reorganize CDs!IMG_8602

And project #2: make a homemaking binder.


I found this zipper binder for $2 at Goodwill this weekend {I had the very same one in 8th grade! no joke!}. It had a name written in permanent marker but it came right off with a rag and dishwashing soap!

I’m a little scared of the homemaking binder project. I had one a few years ago to organize my cleaning schedule, routines, coupons, recipes, menus, etc. and somehow it bred and turned into a monster of papers that I couldn’t bring myself to use. {eek- that’s one reason I wanted a zipper on the new one!} But I’m excited to try it again now that we have more kids and more things going on. I’m always thrilled to try anything that might simplify our life. :)

I’m hoping with all the free printables out there these days that it will be super simple to assemble and keep up with. {I realize it will be up to me to keep it cleaned out too! :)}. We shall see!

If you have any great sources for homemaking printables, I’d love to hear! I’m planning to make a few of my own to share with you here too! :)

Here are my goals for this week:

reorganize CDs
start creating a home binder
finish crocheting scarf {1/2 way done! whoop!}
make 6 freezer meals

finish reading
7- An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess

3 verses of 1 Peter- trying learning by writing out the verses this week and listening to the audio version on
Bible Gateway
listen to two audio sermons while I’m doing my chores

working on the complaining experiment- this week I’m working on just biting my tongue {literally!}. I’ll update you more tomorrow, but this is not fun! sheesh.


this week’s menu plans:

monday- chili and crackers {left from last week!}

tuesday-  heart-shaped chicken veggie pizza :)

wednesday- chicken florentine casserole {+ 3 extra batches for the freezer}

thursday- crockpot beans + mac/cheese

friday- pizza {family night}

saturday- free for all or dinner out

sunday- chicken enchiladas {+ 3 for the freezer}


What are your goals for this week? And do you use a homemaking binder? Any tips for me on my second try? :)


P.S. It’s blitz week over RooMag- they are giving away tons of awesome prizes this week! You won’t want to miss it! Hop on over and check it out! :D

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  1. You are a super girl! I wish I had as much energy and shopping savvy as you do. I love your goals. I'm trying to keep a household notebook. I like your "bite my tongue" experiment. Lately I've been saying not so nice comments to my husband so that will need to be bitten. I want to check out your recipes. I really to need to freezer batch cook. Oh, I wish to be organized. Love your blog!

  2. good job momma! i have my goals listed over my blog (altho I think i need to par down the details some,lol)!

  3. Hi Mandy!
    I LOVE reading your blog and have been following for awhile. I have a home organization binder and I love that thing! Here is my blog post about it... Hope it is helpful!


  4. found you through the pleated poppy--i've been loving looking through all your decorating posts! i just love your old house and what you've done with it!!
    i'm in dallas too and am just wondering if you can share which thrift stores you went to. the goodwill i go to has been just awful lately and i'm needing some ideas of different places to go. thanks so much!

  5. Hi there! Wow. SMALL WORLD! I was so surprised to hear you live in the Dallas area! We probably live within hours of one another. I love you blog. So happy to have stumbled upon it. Very clean, classy and inspirational. I too, am a BIG TIME thrifter. I would love for you to stop by my neck of the woods for my "thrifty decorating series" that is going on!
    Take care~
    Amanda :)

  6. Mandy, so funny, I have been in Austin with my hubby for 3 weeks out of the last 5 and I think the kiddos and I hit every Goodwill there! My big score was a pair of Ann Taylor Loft pants new with tags in just my size that I was trying to find at the store but they were sold out!! In store $79.99, Goodwill $12.99, God is amazing!
    As for the cleaning/organizing... have you tried "Flylady"? I love her!
    Your blog is just so refreshing:).

  7. Love your blog! I posted about my homemaking binder on Friday -- here's the link (and I did a video tour of the binder...)

  8. I wish our Goodwill had nicer things, although I did get ODS 2 pair of jeans last year

  9. Looks like you did well! My husband and I went thrifting this week-end and I got a TON of clothes including 3 pairs of Anne Taylor Loft pants!!!
    As far as the binder, I try, I fail. I try again, and the cycle continues:)
    I'm going to give it one more shot, though!

  10. I love the idea of Read Do Learn Be...I hope it is okay if I start using it. I think it would be something valuable to teach to my kids, too. My 14 yo definitely needs to start being in charge of his goals more.

    It sounds like you had a blast at the stores. My 20 yo remembers days of thrift store shopping. Now that he is on his own and buys his own clothes, he's upgraded to Kohl's and TJ Maxx, but he adamantly refuses to shop at the mall with his fiancee (other than window shop)...he doesn't like to pay full price. ;-)

    My little ones LOVE when I come home from a shopping trip since it usually means a bag of goodies for them (and one they fill up to pass on). I love our thrift store's 50 cent rack!!



  11. YAY! that's so exciting! great finds! Let me know how the binder goes! I'm so with you on that one! :D

  12. I know some are better than others for sure. I hope you find a few things at yours soon! :D

  13. I have thought about doing a household binder several times, but it's one of those projects that I've never jumped into and actually done. I'm interested to see how yours turns out!

  14. Thanks for sharing the recipes for the enchiladas and chicken Florentine. They looked so good that I am going to add them to my menu next week. I have been thinking of starting my own binder but there is soooo much out there I got overwhelmed and didn't start. I am looking forward to see what you are going to do...maybe I will actually do one this time.


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