my top 10 favorite foods {food on friday}

Just for fun, I thought I would make a list of my top 10 favorite foods that I love to eat regularly {desserts aren’t included- they would take all 10 spots! heheh}. A few of these are my recipes, and the rest are fabulous-looking recipes that had me drooling as I typed this up. :)

My top 10 foods in random order:

1. chicken breast

2. lettuce/organic spring greens

3. edamame {via Mandy on Pinterest}

4. sushi – California rolls {via Mandy on Pinterest}

5. fish {and mango salsa!!! rarely happens here but yum!} {via Pinterest}

6. fresh artisan bread

7. shredded cabbage/coleslaw salad {via Pinterest}

8. pico de gallo {via Pinterest}

9. homemade salsa {I so will have to share my recipe this spring- this one is very close to mine. I love it!} {via Pinterest}

10. sweet potatoes- minus the butter :) {via Pinterest}

Well, I’m officially hungry now! :)


Okay, so what are your favorites? Do we have similar tastes?

Or do I have weird taste buds?

{I’m dying to know! :P}

{I told the hubs the other day I think I could live in an Asian country- I love all of the American versions of Asian food, anyway!}


  1. We do have similar tastes - but I would add in more chocolate :P

  2. I love home-made salsa too and guacamole! Great list! I have been trying to eat more healthy lately. I notice there aren't too many fattening foods, which I struggle with. How do you fight cravings for unhealthy foods? Thanks. :) Be blessed! Lauren,

  3. O goodness your list is so much healthier than mine would be...try things like peanut butter, chocolate, and cheese. I like a lot of the things you listed, but I've never had sushi or edamame. I'm looking forward to you sharing your salsa recipe. I am on a quest for a good salsa recipe.

  4. Yours is definitely healthier than mine. :)
    I have often said I should have been born Asian, I LOVE their food! I have a recipe on my blog for Thai Shrimp Soup: that hubby and I love!

  5. Mine would include the salsa and pico de gallo for sure!! I could (and some weeks do) eat one or the other every day! I'm most definitely a rice and beans girl! I've never eaten any type of meat or fish (other than a taste here or there) so that's not something I have any interest in. But sweet potatoes, I love roasted in the oven or mashed with coconut milk and pecans! yum!


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