enter the spring cleaning challenge + tackling my living room

Spring CleanIt's the first day of Spring!! Wow! How exciting to see another season!
Something about fresh lovely air, great temperatures, and the flowers blooming makes me want to clean everything, doesn't it you? heehee, okay, so not so much. It makes me want to be outside! ;)

But I do love a deeply cleaned and organized home- it makes my brain function so much better! And that's worth the little bit of extra time it takes to get it that way!

As I was thinking about my spring cleaning projects, I wanted to share something with you:

Don't feel bad if you don't do spring cleaning.

I'm so not a spring cleaner. This is the first year I've really done it. Part of it is that I've had four littles for almost three years now{!}. Sometimes it's just not the season for deep cleaning. Cleaning out your deep freezer before everything melts and replacing pacis and changing diapers at the same time might just drive you to tears. Trust me.

So read all the spring cleaning posts if you like to do that, but please, please don't feel bad or guilty if you can't pull apart your cabinets and declutter every corner of your home in two weeks.  It's okay!! :D Really. It is. Someday you will breathe again. I promise.

{and if reading spring cleaning posts makes you feel anxious in the meantime, don't do it! skip over them!}

Our life is so busy right now, and we still have little ones in the middle of everything so my game plan is to tackle a little project each day if I can! It might take until summer, but hey, that still leaves me ahead of where I started! 

One project at a time is my mantra for this season! It keeps spring cleaning from becoming overwhelming for me. :)

I'm working on our living room first! 

spring cleaning list for the living room:
Wash couch covers
clean blinds
clean ceiling fan 
organize entryway buffet
dust pictures on walls
organize green radio cabinet
wipe down leather sofa
wash chair cover
wash curtains {if I get to them... ;)}
clean out coffee table cubbies

I tackled the buffet first since it needed some serious organizing! You can see more pictures of our entryway reveal here!

So pretty. On the outside anyway...

Here's what it looked like on the inside:

It was hiding a monster! ;)

I took everything out of the drawers and made several piles.

Vacuumed the drawers:


I ended up with almost three empty drawers! Yes!!

On to the couch and fans tomorrow! I'll share more details over the next two weeks!

The Spring Cleaning Challenge details:


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  1. I hate cleaning anything under the ceiling and above the floor....haha....

  2. I would have to say cleaning under the washer and dryer, it is so crazy trying to move those things!

  3. Yes...I like to clean. Sometimes I feel like I do it too often. Today I scraped all my old mildewed caulk in my kitchen around my sink and re-caulked...it looks so white and fresh!

    I love you living room too! It is so clean and fresh looking! I am new at following your blog too.

  4. Laundry is my FAVORITE thing to do! I actually start getting just a wee bit excited a couple of days before the new month. I get to use the TIDE washing machine cleaner...yippy! It makes the house smell SO good, and gets rid of the nasty buildup in the HE Machine.

  5. Hate, Hate, Hate doing dishes!!! Or really cleaning anything in the kitchen. But, one must do what one must do. And, it helps to have all new appliances. Wanting to keep them clean makes it easier to do it!

  6. I hate cleaning the garage. Out of sight, out of mind. It's always a mess. I ignore it at all costs. Thank you for this opportunity!

  7. I hate cleaning the bathtub. My husband started doing it while I was pregnant with my son and thankfully he still does it most of the time.

  8. the bathtub and my hubs shop (dusty!)

  9. I seriously hate cleaning the bathroom, it is also the room that always seems to take the longest to clean.

  10. the bathrooms...any and all. :)

  11. LivinggreenandnaturalJanuary 29, 2013 at 9:33 AM

    the garage! its overwhelming:(

  12. My least fav place to clean is the closets where I stuff everything that doesn't have a home.
    They're usually really scary when I finally get around to them so I'm attempting to keep them clutter-free this year.

  13. My least favorite place to clean has to be my kitchen! too much to do in one spot!

  14. My favorite place to clean is my clothing closet. It's fun to look through and remind myself of what I have!

  15. My least favorite place to clean is the kitchen.

  16. Haven't even started spring cleaning!

  17. I would have to say the least favorite place to clean is my desk. It seems to always be a catch all.

  18. I really don't like to wash dishes or fold clothes. These seems like crazy things to dislike but they just get on my nerves. Maybe it's because they are never ending.

  19. I have 5 boys, so needless to say the worst place to clean is their bathroom!

  20. My least favorite place to clean would have to be the bathroom (hard water, ugh!) And the place I never clean but SHOULD is the closet in the master bedroom.... that seems to be where things that don't have a home are "hidden" Have a great night! :)

  21. I love having a super clean, shiny kitchen! Favorite place to clean.... but also the most complicated and exhausting.

  22. Bathrooms -- but mostly the floors in every room!

  23. I would say laundry is my least favorite. I can never seem to "get it all done", and I think the piles grow by themselves while we're sleeping.

  24. I have been sick during the entire spring break week! So much for spring cleaning.

  25. Well, I don't really like to clean anywhere :) but my least favorite is the kitchen!

  26. I hate cleaning the bathroom but really enjoy the kitchen! Everything gets all sparkly and shiny in the kitchen! =)

  27. i dont actually Spring clean i do summer cleaning. it gets so very hot that we can't even hardly do anything for longer than 25 mins without being completely wiped out. we like to spend as much time as we can outside during the bearable period, so one year i decided to switch them around. it was 87 here today!

  28. Made myself clean the window blinds today!!!...Hate to do it but so glad I did :)

  29. I just love your living room! So pretty, gorgeous window and fireplace, and so light and airy looking!

  30. Your living room is lovely! I'm a new follower of your blog!

  31. My favorite place to clean is the bedroom. While I don't really enjoying cleaning, I love having a fresh, clean, cozy bedroom to sleep in :)

  32. I don't like to clean. There I've said it. However great tools like these make it all easier.

  33. I love cleaning my room but I HATE the bathroom. Who doesn't?

  34. Hate the bathroom, and the dishes. Love organizing + putting away the laundry :)

  35. The bathtubs are my least favorite!

  36. I have been hating laundry lately, but that's partly because we haven't had a working dryer in 6 months. But, I do love the rare moments when all the laundry is finished.

  37. I hate cleaning the closet - mostly because there is always too much laundry!

  38. Sarah @ http://theeaseoffreeze.com. I have enjoyed all of the spring cleaning sites and am inspired by everyone's ideas! Thanks!

  39. I guess I'm a little weird because I do like to clean-- spring or anytime. Today I scrubbed my floors and it made me giddy! :- )


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