finding beauty in unexpected places

Saturday morning delivered up quite the dilemma at our house. We had two options: either stay home and do errands and projects, or take advantage of the gorgeous day and visit the local {massive} flea market in my hometown. The practical side of me wanted to stay home and get ahead on the coming week….

You can guess which one we chose, right? :)

We had the best time just walking around and I couldn’t resist taking lots and lots of pictures. I wish I could share with you the beauty of it in all it’s glory:  the vibrant colors, the chatter of the shoppers as they linger over goods, the smell of freshly made food that finds you at every turn, the cool breeze….

You’ll just have to pretend with me, okay? :) {warning: lots of pictures ahead!}

First Monday {the flea market is held the weekend before the first Monday of the month} has a little bit of everything. Since it was spring there were lots of beautiful flowers for sale:


and there are always so many unique antiques to be found…




IMG_9118{can anyone tell me what this pan is for?? why the different shapes? treats for the ladies at the bridge game?}

But lots of new items too. I so enjoyed spying the bold colors through my camera lens…




Sometimes it’s just fun to watch the people {totally an accidental shot, but I loved it…this is the perfect example of a husband and wife at a flea market…}:


Actual conversation heard between a husband and wife {not those people}:

husband: what do you use a mason jar on a stick for?

wife:  you know, to put on the counter to look pretty.

husband: I don’t get it. Why do you need one?

wife: it’s for decoration, you know?

husband: no…I don’t see why anyone would need a mason jar on a stick…

I couldn’t help but smile about that one. Yes, we women do love silly {beautiful!} things that have no practical use sometimes. That’s the reason there is a First Monday, and Hobby Lobby…and the reason we enjoy beautiful shops that offer delightful knick knacks like these:



We spotted lots of fun signs everywhere…is this a common phrase where you live too? :)


Not to mention lots of lovely crafting supplies and home decor like this too:




and I even spotted a dress I loved…if only it didn’t cost $76 dollars. I’m just going to have to find a way to replicate her… ;)


It was one of those days where you soak up every moment… we were in the marketplace, but our time there wasn’t about shopping.

It was about living, breathing fresh air, seeing the beauty of the colors, loving the people God gave me to enjoy this life with:


There were so many lovely things to see there, but I think one this was the most beautiful to see of them all.

What is beautiful to you today?


  1. We also have a First Monday here in our area of Mississippi...not quite as cool as y'all's though. Our's seems to be more junk than treasure. But I do love going and getting ideas on crafts or decor that I can replicate myself. It's "date time" for me and my sweet hubby, because taking all 6 kids (ages 22mo, 4,5,6,8,and10) is quite hectic and usually costly. :)

  2. sounds like an awesome day! so glad y'all had an amazing fun-filled day!

  3. :D I'm glad you enjoyed them! And snow? Wow! I don't remember what that looks like's been over a year, which is strange even for Texas!We will have to send some sunshine your way! :D have a good week!

  4. How fun! Such fabulous goodies to be found. I live far from any good flea markets so I love to look at other's pictures!! :) A forecast of sun and 60's is beautiful to me after snow yesterday! ;)

  5. Thank you friend! we had a lovely time! :D

  6. Love those little birds you took pics of!! so glad you enjoyed First Monday with your family!

  7. thank you Michelle! It was fun!

  8. I've been to First Monday a couple of it, especially this time of year when it's so nice out!

  9. I just discovered your blog and I am already feeling so blessed by it! I saw the pictures of your living room and got right up and mopped my floor! Ha. Maybe not what you expected to inspire someone to do, but I figured if you could create such beautiful things, I could at the very least mop up after my family! Praise God for leading me to you!!! I love your printable verse, too. As soon as I get some ink in my printer, I'm going to make a copy. The pan you were looking at has the shapes found in a deck of cards (clubs, spades, hearts, diamonds). I don't know more than that about it, but I'm sure they would make cute treats for people really into playing cards!

  10. Oh thank you for taking the time to write! :D You are so sweet! I'm so, so glad you are here! You made me smile today!

  11. I also just found your blog and love it. I spent a good long time one night when my kids were in bed looking through your posts. I was blessed to read how you and your husband are living to bring glory to God. Thank you for that. I really enjoyed your pictres from the flea market. I grew up with a wonderful flea market that I loved spending weekends wandering in. My husband and I now live in Florida and the flea markets close to us are full of junk. It is fun to see really nice one's out there. Thanks for sharing.

  12. oh thank you Mary! I'm so glad you are here!! thank you for reading along with me! :D your sweet comment made me smile today!!


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