living room spring cleaning | part 2

I'm still spring cleaning, how about you? {it's just so tempting to make that into a cheer... I was actually a cheerleader back in the 5th and 6th grade ;) ... we've got spirit, yes we do!}

One project at a time is my mantra with all these little ones running around. I made some progress on my list for the living room this week!

spring cleaning list for the living room:
wash couch covers
clean blinds
clean ceiling fan 
organize entryway buffet {last week}
dust pictures on walls
organize green radio cabinet
wipe down leather sofa
wash chair cover
wash curtains {if I get to them... ;)}
clean out coffee table cubbies
wipe down windowsills {added this one when I saw them!}

The sofas were my first project this week. The leather one got a good wipe down with water and I took the cushions off of this slipcovered sofa: 

The slipcover really needed another washing! I generally bleach them every three months or so.

and the coffee table cubbies needed some organizing!

a little later: 

and the magazine bucket was full of old magazines, books, legos and craft sticks:

Now it's a tech/devo basket!

I didn't go crazy with the cleaning of the blinds, just a simple wipe down to clean the dust and spots off of them:

Ah, so much better! :D

What little projects have you been tackling this week? :) 

don't forget, you still have a week to enter the big spring cleaning challenge!


  1. The living room is the part of the house that I really enjoy cleaning. Aside from removing the dirt, you also get the chance to do some redecorating. You have a cute living room! I bet you love to re-arrange the couches from time to time to get a different feel.

  2. Hi Hannah! The slipcovers came with the couch from Ikea, and they actually sell them for $50 in white separately. I think they may have other styles too. I hope that helps! :D

  3. I use bleach and tide since they are white. Bleach works like a charm on the white! :D

  4. Wow- 22 windows!! I feel you!! They are actually real wood blinds from ikea, they run about $40 each. Not cheap, but they are the only ones we can find that are 96 inches. :) hope that helps sweet lady!

  5. it's ikea ektorp, we bought the sofa used on Craigslist for $200 :) I hope that helps!

  6. We might be a little crazy! heehee! I love the bleach- in fact, I don't think I could do a regular color because I couldn't bleach a darker one! :P

  7. It just occurred to have 4 kiddos and a white couch!! I kind of thought we were crazy for buying a white couch but so far, so good. I'm praying it stays that way :)

  8. what do you use to clean your slip covers with?? I really have thought about getting a slip covered chair, but scared that I wont be able to get the stains out.

  9. Love your living room! What's the wall color?

  10. I really like your slipcovers, where did you get them if I might ask? I've been on the lookout for slipcovers for years (my old hand me down couches really need them) but I can't find anything that isn't super expensive. My couch/loveseat looks just like your couch only mine has t-shaped cushions on the bottom.

  11. yes, you're living room is adorable- nothing compares to the character of older homes! We live in a smaller home, but when it comes to cleaning I LOVE my smaller home. smaller home= less to clean. :)
    I have a cleaning routine and schedule, each day of the week I clean a different room, so by the end of the week my house is pretty well completely cleaned. Mondays I clean my bedroom, everything that needs cleaning I clean. So I vacuum, dust, change sheets, wash the window and mirror, declutter the dressers, tidy up the closet, wipe down walls and light fixtures. Today was my kitchen day- I swept and mopped (though I have to do this almost every day anyway), I clean all appliances- big and small, clean off and declutter counters, tidy up the cupboards, clean the sink, clean and declutter under the sink, wipe down baseboards, wash window. I just finished and it feels so good being done. Wed. I'll be cleaning both bathrooms, Thurs. will be the living and dining area, Friday will be laundry room and front porch, and Saturday we do the kids' rooms so they can help.
    Love your blog and the pictures you post! :)

  12. Your living room is ADORABLE!!

  13. Sarah{Handbags*N*Pigtails}January 29, 2013 at 10:24 AM

    Do you have faux wooden blinds or the plastic blinds? I live in an 1860 home with 22 windows on the first floor so I cannot afford the wooden blinds at all but I hate the fishbowl feel at night(we live right in town and have 4 bay windows in our living room.

  14. where di you get the white slipcover for your couch?

  15. Wow!!! I'm in awe!! Way to go with your cleaning schedule!! I need to write that down for me! :D thank you for reading and sharing!!

  16. thanks Kristin!! It's Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams!

  17. Your spring cleaning is so inspiring! We are remodeling our kitchen, but once that's done I plan to spring clean my house room by room.


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