reaping His harvest :: giving them back to God

"Who is is it?" I asked as Rob pulled out his phone to see who was calling.

We were driving down the highway last weekend in the nasty rain, on a long-awaited date night alone.

Distracted, he glanced down at the caller id and answered his phone without a reply.

"Hey." His one-word greeting told me it was family or a friend.

His face grew serious in mere seconds.

" hmm..." I could tell he couldn't get a word in- whoever it was talking non-stop.

I stared, listening intently for any sign of who could be on the other end of the line. His face was far too serious for this to be another tech support call.

"Wait, is everybody okay?" He asked the mystery caller.

My heart stopped. My children were not with me. All of the sudden I knew who it was.

"What is it? What happened??" I had to interrupt.

"Your dad and the kids were in a wreck..."

In less than one second, I fully imagine the worst. Before I can form a single spoken word, Rob tells me, "Everyone is okay. The girls are still crying in the background, but they're just scared."

The air returned to my lungs again, but my heart was still racing.

My babies. Oh, my babies.

They were okay.

The truck didn't fare as well, but who cares about a truck, anyway? They'd all been on the way to eat pizza when another car stopped in the middle of a three lane road. The driver had suddenly run out of gas but didn't even pull his car to the side of the road. In the dark. In the rain. Our truck's brakes locked up as he tried to stop, but there wasn't enough time.

The Lord was protecting my family.

They were all fine.

When we came home, we hugged them all so much more tightly {especially my poor sweet dad}.

And you know what? I sat down on Monday to do school with my children. Just like any other day. Oh thank you, thank you, Jesus.

My heart hurts thinking about what could have happened. I know my God reigns over all things, all times, all places. But getting close to the other side scares me. A lot.

I have to trust that He knows what He is doing. That He knows what I need. That He knows all things.

My mind plays the "what if..." scenario over and over again. What if we hadn't gone on a date, what if we had taken the other car...

But I can't play that game. I have to trust that God is sovereign, and that His promises are true.

What did He promise?

All flesh is like the flower of the grass. The grass withers and the flower fades. But His Word is forever.

Death will happen to all of us at some point.
Having purified your souls by your obedience to the truth for a sincere brotherly love, love one another earnestly from a pure heart, since you have been born again, not of perishable seed but of imperishable, through the living and abiding word of God; for 
“All flesh is like grass
and all its glory like the flower of grass. 
The grass withers,
and the flower falls,
but the word of the Lord remains forever.” 1 Peter 1:22-25
The best news? His Word is true- He has made us the imperishable seed through the living and eternal Word of God.

This flesh will fade. It will get old. It will die. But Jesus made a way for us to live eternally- and He's given it to us in His Word.

And in His Word there are no promises that my children will outlive me.

It doesn't matter how obedient I am, or how I think it should all happen. He's promised trials here in this place. He wants me to trust Him- to have faith in Him, so I can see His promises in eternity.

The truck wreck isn't really a trial. I only imagine the trial that could've happened. 

I don't know how my soul would live through it- His Spirit would have to bring supernatural peace because I know I couldn't bear it alone. I know I've seen Him bring peace like that this very year.

Oh, but being sweet to my children is a little easier these past few days. My plan was to be intentionally sweet to them- doing something they loved in an effort to pour a little extra joy into their hearts.

Our sweetness activity last week?

Planting a garden.

I'm not even kidding.

We planted seeds.

Is there anything His hand is not in? 

We are but grass.

My children? Like the flower of the grass.

An little investment of $15 for seeds and soil can reap hundreds in return at harvest.

We're the ones planting these seeds, but how much did we-  how much did I- have to do with actually making them grow?

Nothing. I can do nothing to make those little plants sprout. I didn't create a single part of any of it.

I just trust that they will, because He made it work that way. I can't take the credit for these little seedlings any more than I can for the tide, or the oceans, or the mountains.

I just plant the seeds and wait for them to grow, and hope for a return at the end of the summer.

My children- like the flowers of the grass. I can't take any credit for them. I pray that they too will be born again of imperishable seed.

My investment is small- only this little time I have with them. Just a few years in the scheme of things to teach them, to love them, to show them the right way.

In my time with them, I can do nothing but love them and trust and pray they will grow, and maybe I'll get to see the harvest in the time to come. I did not create these little people. He did.

His plan is better than mine, no matter what happens. I pray that He won't let me fall when the trials come. Because I know my flesh fails me every single time.

These little ones were never really mine. I can only trust and wait in the One who makes them grow. And He is good. He is always good.

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  1. Thank GOD every one is ok. And...what a way to get a reminder to cherish our little ones...hug them a little THAT much more patient with them. They are HIS... and WHAT an IMPORTANT thing to be tasked with in this world!! Its hard to think about the dire importance too much without getting VERY overwhelmed...but how do we not think about it too much? Again, so glad everyone is ok!!!

  2. oh my! Thanking God with you that everyone was kept safely. This happened to us last halloween. We were in an accident with our whole family (2 sons, six and two) and the mini-van had 3 children inside, a 9 month old, three year old & a six year old. NONE of us were hurt though my husband accidentally ran a red light... in fact, we still went trick or treating that night! We felt like God's angels just came around and protected us all so thoroughly. Life is but a breath... (I love what you did with the seeds)!!!

  3. Oh thank you sweet lady. I'm rejoicing with you that they were safe! Oh, I so know that I would be a mess, and I think the only thing that keeps me from entertaining the what ifs is trusting that God knows what He's doing and believing that He would give me a peace that goes beyond understanding if I lost them. I know I couldn't make it through something like that without Him, because I'm such a wimp- a serious trial wuss. I fail at that every single day! Thank you Jesus for new mercy...

  4. Oh my! I am so thankful God kept you rlittle ones and Dad with you! Your post is brave and true. Thank you. These are things my head and heart know, but I would have a very hard time writing them in permanent, written words! Why? I don't know. I'll have to ponder that. I think it has something to do with the need to surender my kids DAILY and then resurrender them. So hard. Just reading your 'permanent', written words makes me tear up.
    Praise be to God that you get to hold them longer on this side o' Heaven. And how wonderful that you turn to Him and His word, even when thinking of the un-thinkable. You inspire me.


  5. Thank you Karen!! He is Good!! :D

  6. Thank you Lord for Your caring protection! so glad all is okay, except the truck and who cares about the truck anyway! LOL Praising God with you!!

  7. Thank you so much for sharing this <3 This is my biggest fear...well, that something will happen to us and our children will be left behind. I do the what ifs and play it over in my mind. I am praying for you and praising God that He kept your family safe! Thank you for your blog. There are days that God uses it like a healing balm for my soul.

  8. praise God your family is safe! Such a hard lesson to learn that our kid's our not our's! Thanks for the thoughtful post!

  9. "His plan is better than mine no matter what happens." What true words, and how you have blessed and encouraged me today. When the trials do come, He will hold you, as always in His strong arms. That's all you have to know. I speak from personal experience as my youngest and oldest children, my oldest grandson and--very recently--my husband, have all completed their earthly journey. In each of these farewells there have been multiple blessings.
    Thank you again for this post on this particular day.

  10. Such an inciteful post. Thank you for sharing. And you are sdefinitely right - He will always stand forever. Thankful your family is well and life went on as normal.

  11. I completely understand. God is Good all the time. WE have to stand on His word and believe that. It's better to know the word and choose to believe it- before the extreme happens.

  12. One of my biggest fears has been to be in a car accident. Las fall we were hit by a drunk driver. Our car was totaled, but my family all survived. When I dwell on the what ifs, it terrifys me. I will never forget after our car stopped after crossing four lanes, the median and ending on the other side of the interstate turning to see if my children were alive. They were screaming. I had no idea if they were hurt. Those images will be forever in my mind. It's scary, but I am so thankful I serve an amazing God. If anything that wreck has brought our family much closer, and for that I'm grateful.

  13. Amen! Thank you, I hadn't thought about that before.

  14. And in His Word there are no promises that my children will outlive me.

    It doesn't matter how obedient I am, or how I think it should all happen.

    thank you. and i add to that, that if your child (or a 'young' person) 's life does end before yours or before some specific age, their life wasn't 'cut short' or 'ended too soon'. our Lord has done a work in me that i am so grateful for in this regard. He knows our days and we do not view time the same way He does. think about what we are saying when we say a life was ended too soon. we have this goal of X number of years in this world. not so with me anymore. a life is full or 'lived' because someone reached the age of 80. we are here for His glory for such a short time whether it's a few days or decades. i really appreciate how this brother words it

  15. I had tears in my eyes while reading this post.. your love for your kids, and your faith in the Lord comes through so clearly in your words. Wow, I'm so glad they are ok. And they are blessed to have a mom who trusts God like you do. :)

  16. Oh wow...thanks for sharing Mandy! Thank you Jesus that no one was hurt. I love the verse you used from Isaiah...I need to remind myself of that daily!!!!

  17. This was beautiful written and a great reminder of our role as 'Mom'. Thanks!

  18. LOVED this post, Mandy! Thank you for sharing... your transparent heart has blessed me this morning. :) And I am SO thankful the Lord's sovereign plan was that you get more time with your children!!

  19. Oh, thank you for your sweet words!! I'm so glad His plan was that too! I tend to take each day for granted, but it really changed my perspective this week.

  20. Oh, Dee, I'm so sorry. I am praying for you today! thank you for your sweet words!

  21. Oh my goodness Jen! What an awful thing- I'm so, so glad you were all safe!! Thank you Lord for your safety and protection- and that we can know that death is not the end or the worst thing that could happen to us! Praise Jesus who takes away our fears, our what ifs, and holds us tight in His arms!

  22. It made our week quite a bit different for sure. Thank you for your sweet words!!

  23. Oh. My. Goodness, Mandy - what a heartstopping experience!!! So thankful everyone was OK - although I'm sure some nerves were shattered! Yes, I agree - every precious moment spent with them afterwards becomes much more precious, as does our relationship with Jesus!

  24. Oh my goodness!!! Thank you Jesus for your protection over all those in the accident! That's so scary- I'm so glad all was well!!

  25. Thank you for this reminder...

    I just recently ran across your blog (less then 2 weeks ago) and I sooooo needed this reminder this week. Last week we learned that my 6 year old's cancer had returned (after a 6 month break). He starts chemo, again, this Monday. On Thursday my dad had a massive heart attack. After two stents being placed he is stable in ICU, but his heart function is just at 50% at the moment. The doctors expect that number to rise in the coming months.

    It's hard, during these times, to remember that NO MATTER WHAT God is good. By the grace of God, and all the prayers we have been receiving, I have not felt the darkness creep in like I felt last time. Someone is holding me together...and I know it's not myself!
    -Elizabeth @

  26. So thankful that your family is ok. I was just telling a friend this week about the time I was 10 and my family and I were hit head on by a logging truck. We shouldn't have survived -- especially my Dad and I -- but we did. Looking back I see the hand of God involved every step of the way that night. I've always felt that God had had some purpose for me in this life because I survived that night -- by the decision to take us a hospital about 1/2 hour further away and only had about 20 minutes left of life in me before they took me into surgery. It moments like these that define us -- or perhaps refine us.

  27. I am so glad I found your blog! You are so inspiring and I enjoy your honest and uplifting posts.


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