{what i wore this week} conquering the pajamas

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Okay, so did you know you helped me this week?

You totally did.

You see, I was thisclose to wearing my pjs all day, every day this week.

I think I must be officially old because the time change has seriously kicked my tail! I'm barely dragging out of bed these days, and those evil pjs and yoga pants won't let me get moving!

But the wiww series came through, and together we conquered the pj's. Yay!

Now I liked the top half of this outfit:

But the bottoms...not so much. That's another good thing about wiww- it shows you what you shouldn't wear. Hey!

I love my ebayed Hudson's ($27) but they were a tad too long for the platform sandals, eh? Ah well!

I scooped up a pair of black twill pants at the mall on our weekend away for $25 at H&M. Not too bad for a pair of skinny pants, a wardrobe staple these days. It's hard to find a cute pair! {paired with Gap clearance shirt, and my $5 vintage leather heels}.

I've been waiting to wear these for a while- I had to get a teeny bit closer to spring!

This combo was inspired by a marketing pamphlet from Blissdom. I like the combo!

{pants- Target, shirt, J. Crew clearance, shoes, Shoe Carnival sale}

and some fun flats:

And this was my favorite outfit of the week:

A $3 AE shirt with a $7 pair of thrifted jeans and the infamous $20 J.S. wedges:

What's really sad? Most of the time I get dressed and completely forget to take a pic. Today I decided to go for a cell phone pic if nothing else! :P

{I got the cutest pink belt at H&M for $6 in Dallas. Love.}

and then one last pic- {shirt old BCBG, jeans, AE, shoes, Gianni Bini, Dillard's}

What keeps you motivated to get dressed when your pj's won't let go?  :D

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  1. oh thank you girlie!! I am ready when you are! !:D you're right btw, it was McA's! our fave!

  2. You're at McAlisters in one of those pics! We so need to get together for lunch one of these days.... :)

    You're beautiful, as always!

  3. I feel like I'd look cuter in anything if I had your hair... even pjs and yoga pants!

  4. first of all, your hair is fabulous! second, love the coral pants...i am not drawn to that color for myself, but you make it look good, i want to go get myself some! love your GAP clearance shirt, and purple looks fab on you!

  5. Love and adore your outfits and enthusiasm! Thank you for providing such fashionable inspiration.

    Have a well dressed day!

  6. Lovely! If I am having one of those days, nothing gets me out of my jammies unless I have to leave the house. I stay home with my 4, 3, and 1 year olds and they don't care! Some days I feel guilty because I get on them about getting dressed and then I take another look at what I'm wearing and am like, who cares! Pajamas it is!

  7. I know those days so very well!! you sound like me 4 years ago!! :D

  8. Oh my goodness, You are so sweet!!

  9. Yay!! I know you can rock the coral!

  10. Thank you Sarah!! You are so sweet!! happy spring to you!!

  11. Sarah{Handbags*N*Pigtails}January 29, 2013 at 10:24 AM

    You are stunning. 'Nuff said:) Happy Spring!

  12. I love the red pants with the flowery flats...very cute!


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