weekend review: fresh produce clothing

With the all of the original food diet talk around here, you guys probably already know I'm always excited to talk about fresh produce. :D This time it's a different kind of produce, though- it's the clothing version {which may be more fun than the food kind! ha!}!

When the Fresh Produce clothing company contacted me to see if I'd review a product of my choice, you know I was in! :D

They have a beachy, flowy casual style that is a little different than my usual thrift store choices, so I was excited to try out a new style for me! I shopped around their website and I fell in love with their maxi dresses! They sent me this maxi dress to try out for myself:

and here is the color I chose:  {I'm sneaking in a what i wore picture a few days early! hehee :D}

so did you know we have cat? Um, yeah, I didn't either. ;)
what i loved about it:
The dress was super comfy! I've never owned a maxi dress before, but I loved how comfortable it was! It was so loose and long which made it very cool and breezy. I think it will be very nice for the Texas summer! :)

I was impressed by the weight of the dress too- it was made of a very high quality fabric that was stretchy and soft. My husband loved it too, and I got a compliment on it at the very first place I went in it! So two thumbs up for cuteness! :)

what i didn't love as much:
I really loved the dress itself, but as you guys all know I'm a thrift store shopper. :) I've never bought a casual dress that was $89, so I probably wouldn't be able to buy it unless it were on sale.

Luckily, Fresh Produce does have good sales! They have a 50% off section, and only $8 for shipping in the U.S. {though they do ship to over 200 other countries!}

to sum up:
If you're looking to invest in high quality, comfortable, casual/beach-style clothing you might love Fresh Produce. :)

Oh, and if you liked their really cute maxi dress, they have a sale going on their website right now:

Buy One Get One 50% Off All Dresses! Enter coupon code LOVEMOM

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  1. Super cute! I so love navy patterns lately!

  2. Love it!! And it looks so comfy your so cute.

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  3. Love it!! And it looks so comfy :)

  4. You look adorable in that dress. How tall are you? I am only 5'4" so I am not sure if it would be on the floor and then some if I wore it or not. The belt is a nice touch too.

  5. Thank you Sheila! :) I'm about 5'7 or so, so I'm thinking it would be right to the ankle or so? You'd look super cute in it! :D

  6. Mandy, what happened to your puppy? I just remembered I read a post that you had gotten one!


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