original food diet: 5 weeks later

34 days down, only 6 to go!

Isn't that crazy?

I feel like it was just yesterday that we started eating only real food.

Now, eating vegetables, fruits, grains, and nuts has actually become the way we eat.

I'm so thrilled that our eating habits have changed so quickly! I never knew I could live without dairy, and eggs, and chicken, and high fructose corn syrup {ha! :D}.

I've enjoyed the diet, but for me, I think the key to sticking to it has been the long timeframe and the public accountability. After two weeks of pushing through, real food has become what I love to eat, and processed foods sound gross to me now.

When we started, it felt like it would be 40 days of misery, kind of like juicing or fasting, but I've stopped counting days because I love it and it's just how I eat.

I feel like it's been so much better for my body- I have a steady flow of energy, I eat more than enough food, so I'm never hungry, and I can even eat sweet things like pumpkin sauce and maple syrup on my oatmeal. {pumpkin sauce recipe should be up this weekend!}

I've lost 3 lbs. {maybe}, but I haven't really seemed to lose strength, so it was mostly excess as far as I can tell. I wasn't really going for weight loss or numbers, so I'm more than happy with losing 3 lbs.

I was hoping to see how the diet would change my body, and I honestly believe that eating real food only changes your body in such a way that you lose what you don't need, you can eat as much as you like, and still feel full.

I eat nuts and avocados, and maple syrup, and rice- things I've avoided all these years because of their fat and calories, and yet I've been steadily losing weight. That is seriously amazing to me!!

Diets where you have to restrict everything are for the birds. :P

My husband has lost 12 pounds in 34 days, and he was lean to start with. He's never really hungry either. In fact, I might have to start making him eat more often just to keep some weight on his bones. :)

I'm thrilled with the results that all the people in my life are getting with the diet too. My dad is diabetic and has started the diet, and in only 11 days he says he feels better already and his joint aches are gone.

He's working on trying to reduce his insulin need, and it's really early to say, but I think he might be doing it. He's also eating mostly raw foods too, so that's been helping his blood sugar levels slowly come down. I can't wait to see what happens!

Our friends that are on it have lost a ton of weight too, and agree that they have been able to keep a much more steady flow of energy. :D

We have started eating mostly beans, potatoes and rice in different forms. It's actually simplified our eating. I make a crockpot full of beans, and a rice cooker full of rice, and we eat that for two or three meals.

We eat beans and rice straight up the first night, then the second day, we add the beans to a salad, or I'll make an easy sushi roll with the rice, and then for the third meal, I'll use the leftovers to make a veggie chili.

It's been such a change for our family, for sure. We all eat the same things now, so the kids are eating beans and veggies and fruit for dinner like we are. We've switched to almond milk exclusively and I haven't bought chips in weeks.

It's crazy exciting. :)

Tonight, though, I have quite a food dilemma. It's Noah's 7th birthday, and he's requested cinnamon rolls instead of birthday cake.

I can make a mean cinnamon roll. And oh, sweet baked goods, how I love them.

But I'm afraid of eating one. I ate two tiny bites of gelato with only fruit and sugar {no dairy} a couple of weeks ago at the whole foods store and I had a headache for 30 minutes.

What in the world will a cinnamon roll do? I'm scared to try it!

And not to mention, I haven't eaten a piece of bread in 34 days. I so don't want to break that record...

But I kind of think Noah will remember if I don't eat one. So I feel like I should.

I'm pretty sure I will have to try a little.

I realize I'm officially a goofball. I have reverse diet anxiety. 

You can laugh now. I don't blame you. :)

High class problems, no?

Life is good.

I think I'm going to eat a cinnamon roll. :)


  1. Wait! Before you eat that cinnamon roll... I made plant based cinnamon bun muffins last weekend that were to die for! My kids went nuts over them, and they all said they taste like cupcakes. I used the recipe online at elanas pantry, but I made a few changes. I used raw honey instead of agave, coconut oil instead of grapeseed oil in the muffin, and about 2-3 tbsp butter in the topping instead of grapeseed oil. It took about twice as long to bake, so I just kept watching it and poking with a knife, and them pulled out when they felt solid. DELICIOUS!

  2. Have you heard of Joel Fuhrman's Eat To Live?? That is about the same thing and mentions a lot of the science behind it. Also The China Study- more scientific proof behind what you are doing.....God sure is wise when he created the world/food!!

  3. http://whatscookingamerica.net/Bread/CinnamonRollsFantastic_Vegan.htm

    I found these two recipies for a vegan version cinnamon bun, and they both look so delish!! Maybe you could make the kind your little guy likes and then also make a vegan version so it can be a little more guilt free. Congrats on sticking with this, I've been going now for seven days I think, I too am not really keeping track. Thanks for all the inspiration. :)

  4. Your experience has made me SO curious to try this out. I'm nervous about the extra time involved in food prep though - do you think you spend more, less or about the same amount of time cooking your meals?

  5. Great job!! I've been doing the same and my conclusions have been about the same as yours. I feel great and love the things I am eating (and look forward to them!). We had a potluck at church last week and I was a little nervous about it. I didn't really want to announce to everyone there that I am not eating certain foods... it's all about the people and the gathering... not my eating habits. :) So I made a plate of things that I could eat and sat and ate and fellowshipped along with everyone else. I was surprised how little of a temptation some of the foods were for me. I have come to enjoy how my body feels eating whole foods and really didn't desire to "clog up the plumbing" with any of the other stuff. Good luck with the cinnamon roll test. I read that another person posted a recipe from "Oh She Glows". She's got some great stuff. Maybe you can find a happy compromise there.

  6. It's my son's 7th birthday too today! I wasn't there when he was born, he is adopted, but I was so lucky to become his mommy 6 months later.
    Would you be interested in a place on Heather's (Beauty that moves) 30 Day Vegan workshop??? I am giving one away for free on my blog.
    If you are interested: http://astorminsidemyhead.blogspot.com/2012/04/give-away.html
    Natacha (from Luxembourg)

  7. You are such an inspiration! I am so happy for you and your family and cannot wait to start this 40 day challenge soon with my family. I also babysit 4 kids, so they're going do it 5 days a week too :) Praying for your continued success. God bless! Thanks for the detailed updates.

  8. my nutritionist said that if you starve your body for fats (good ones) then your body will hang onto fat. I dislike what low fat does to people bodies. So happy for all of the changes in your extended family.
    I have battled endocrine exhaustion for a year and a half and hypoglycemia for a long time before that. I recently started to really watch what I eat like whole foods.
    As a single parent it is easy to fall in the rut of casserole, etc. I have started making fruit smoothies for an afternoon treat or breakfast. Two things I recenly added to it (three I guess) are spinach, chia seed (protein, omega 3 and antioxidants) and hemp milk. My mind is so clear and body satisfied after it.

  9. Mary@Finding Healthy HopeJanuary 29, 2013 at 9:43 AM

    oh my goodness, you sound just like me! i am scared to eat certain things now, too! :) great job, mandy!!!

  10. Would you mind giving us a typical breakdown of a weeks worth of meals? I know you eat beans and rice and veggies but I could sure use some extra ideas to go with that. I don't think I know enough to do this. You obviously have a great handle on this amazing way to feed you and your family. I would love to lose 5 pounds and I have a type 1 diabetic son.

  11. Are you going to put together the recipes that you use and post them?

  12. A random side question...how has the diet affected your skin, if at all? It seems like you already had perfect skin, but anything worth mentioning?

  13. The thing that most intrigues me is cutting out meat. In the past we have cut out all refined grains and sugar, gone gluten free, eaten only locally raised free range meat, eliminated most dairy...but something is missing! I wonder if meat is the key. My hubby and I agree that the cleaner we eat the better we feel. I definitely think there has to be flexibility (like for times of fellowship, as you encountered at Easter), but I would really like to transition my family to eating this way. My biggest concern is our budget. Have you found that it is getting more affordable to eat this way as you go along and figure out what you like?

    I make a mean cinnamon roll too. Enjoy yourself ;)

  14. This is probably a stupid question but do you eat butter on this diet?

  15. I've really enjoyed following along on your progress! Yay for you and your family! I was really curious about one thing (you might not wanna discuss on your blog), but do you find eating the beans & veggies causes bloating/gas?? In the past, we've eliminated processed carbs and done alot of veggies & beans and this is what always happens. I LOVE the food but dislike the side effects :) Does your body adjust the longer you are on the diet?? Just curious what your experience has been. You can email me if you'd rather!
    And checking in on my 10-10 challenge....Wed is the day that I work (I'm a pharmacist & work 1 day/week) so I didn't count that day, but Thurs & Fri I did great! Fri had a great day w/ the kids...went to the park & had a picnic....great stuff! Thx for the challenge & I will try to post my progress. But since I'm trying to cut back on time online it may not be as often as I'd like :) Blessings!


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