original food weekly meal plan #1

Many of you have requested menu plans and recipes that we are using for the original food diet, and so I'm excited to post them for you today! :D {I've got quite a few recipes to give you over the next few weeks if I can get to them! :P}

Now that the whole family is on the diet, cooking has been easier and surprisingly, cheaper. We no longer have the need to buy bread and sandwich meat and chips for the kids in addition to what we are eating on the plan. While the savings is good, I think the best thing about this way of eating now is that I can make really large portions of easy foods at one time, and we can eat them throughout the week, for both lunch and dinner.

super easy veggie chili

It's been such a huge change for us, because we spend so much less on groceries now that we have found what we like to eat the most: a starch paired with a veggie or legume.

Beans and rice are dirt cheap: pinto beans at Sams are .89 per pound, and the rice we like to eat {basmati} is .78 per pound. I make 2-3 lbs. of each at a time, and it lasts us for several meals, which saves me so much time in the kitchen. 

Since we are eating so cheaply for the main dishes, we can more easily afford to buy organic foods, lots of apples and fruit, and natural peanut butter. Eating simply changes both the time and money I spend on food. 

I was thinking of the families that have been eating for as long as the world has been in existence- simplicity had to be key in preparing foods in the past because food was chosen from only was available locally {to some degree}. 

It seems that only recently we've decided we need multiple different foods in every meal. We have the luxury of changing what we eat nearly every single meal, but is that really helpful to us? Or does it really just keep us going back to the store or going out to eat constantly? {Have you thought about it this way before too? Or is the diet getting to my thinking? ha!}

It's definitely good to have variety for the sake of our health, but I'm really starting to think we've overloaded ourselves with cooking and shopping because of our desire for 7-10 different food items each day. Simple is actually a very good thing when it comes to food, and I never realized that until the last few weeks. 

This week I spent $84 on groceries {$8 of that was on avocados alone! sheesh}, and I bought a pineapple, 6 lbs. of bananas, 5 lbs. of frozen strawberries, 5 lbs. of asian stir fry veggies, oranges, 3 lbs. of organic baby carrots, 14 lbs of potatoes, and lots of kinds of lettuce, onions, and cilantro.

Here's what we are eating this week. I'm trying to reuse the same ingredients over two days so that I can make the most of my time in the kitchen. :)

night 1: beans and rice
night 2: veggie chili and rice {recipe coming soon!}
night 3: fajita salad: peppers and onions with rice and homemade salsa on a bed of lettuce and guacamole
night 4: baked potatoes and homemade salsa + guacamole
night 5: asian stir fry veggies with rice
night 6: roasted red potatoes, green beans, and salad
night 7: dinner out or leftovers

lunch {choose one or two}:
veggie chili and rice
baby carrots and hummus, pineapple
baked potatoes
salad w/black beans and rice
apples and peanut butter {no sugar}
"bean" dip and carrots

stove-top oatmeal w/ stevia and/or maple syrup, bananas, or fruit
homemade granola cereal
pumpkin sauce

fresh stove-popped popcorn w/ nutritional yeast
energy mix - raw rolled oats, honey, peanut butter

Oh, and I did eat a cinnamon roll last Friday and it was amazing! Thankfully, I didn't even get a headache! 

Thank you sweet Noah, for turning 7! {and choosing cinnamon rolls!} :) He's precious and generous. He's been saving a piece of Easter candy as a surprise for his daddy after he gets off his diet! He's just like that. :D Precious.

Do you have a generous little one like that? Does it melt your heart too? :)


  1. This makes me even more interested in trying the original diet in my household. Are you going with a pre-made diet (like from a book) or are you simply eating the way people ate long ago?

  2. Oh yes - I have a generous little Noah too. :) He turns 2 on May 26th and became a big brother on April 2nd. :) He tries to give toys to baby Levi all the time. And he cuddles a bit with Levi and says "cute, little" (söt, lilla in Swedish). I mean, how adorable is that? <3

  3. Were your kids hesitant to try this and give up chips etc? How much complaining did/do you endure? I just know my youngest (who loves food--usually not the healthy kind either) would go crazy! He has issues with textures and will gag over any raw or crunchy veggies. Also, could you please share your recipe for beans and rice? I hear all of the time that people eat this, but I just have two extremes in my head--really blah or way spicy. Thanks!

  4. Mandy, I have been inspired b your original food diet posts that I have begun to eat this way also. I am very excited about your menu plan and the recipes to come. I started on Saturday and I have already lost 5 pounds. That was not my intention with starting the diet originally, but when the weather got hot and I couldn't fit into any of my shorts from last year I knew I had to do something. I was diagnosed with cancer at the beginning of the year and knew I had to change many of my ways or it would come back. I have been following your posts for some time now and I have been so inspired by all of them. Thank you for helping me find a healthy way of eating that I can follow.

  5. Mandy--You have said that someday you would like to be a foreign missionary. Perhaps God has led you to this diet as a way to prepare for that:-) He is preparing you to give up all of that variety and processed chemicalized food so that you can be happy eating simply--eating like the locals you will be among! Much of the world eats as you are now eating--now you will be ready! Best wishes and keep it up :-)

  6. do you use white or brown basmati rice? I love the simplicity of your menu plan. It's inspiring me to try!

  7. My Russy (Russell) is such a sweet boy, one of the things he always says to us, "I love you, but I love God more" to some that may not be sweet, but to us it shows his love for God, and that is very sweet. He says he wants to be a prestor (he means to say preacher or pastor, but accidentally puts the two together). I love that boy. Thank you for this wonderful post, it's good to know that eating well does not have to be expensive or complicated.

  8. I would love to try this, but I am concerned about protein. Due to surgery that I had, I need to eat a lot of protein and I don't think the legumes would be enough. It sounds like you are planning on staying on this food plan. Will you get blood work done to check your protein levels?

  9. This is very helpful. I look forward to recipes and ideas. You are so creative. What are you eating when you go out?

  10. PS Do you crave anything at all? I think the cinnamon roll would send me back to square one.

  11. I like the idea of not changing it up every night! I am a voracious food blog, cookbook and cooking magazine reader and I always have to try new things. I'm not sure why I do this to myself, my family wouldn't care if we had repeats. I guess I'm trying to keep up with all the "Marthas" out there. I do spend a ton more money on all sorts of ingredients that I may only use once or twice. I'm going to try to simplify! I'd love to know what you season your crockpot beans with. Can't wait to see your recipes! I'm also a potato lover--I eat a plain baked sweet potato for midmorning snack everyday!


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