my top 5 favorite {real food} snacks

A little Friday confession: I am a snacker. I look forward to my snacks as much as I do meals. :D

Over here, Ange asked about my favorite real food snacks these days, so I thought I would share some of my favorites with you guys too!

Here they are in no particular order:

1. dates

Okay, so dates are the ultimate food on the original food diet. Now I admit that they look totally disgusting, but they are God's candy, I tell you. It's like eating cookie dough and a caramel bar all in one bite. They ring in at 40 calories a piece, and are almost $4 per lb. They are worthy every penny {and calorie}.

Dates also give your body pure glucose, so they are the perfect food for working out. I eat these instead of granola bars now. :D

2. frozen bananas
Frozen bananas are pure deliciousness.  If dates are God's candy, then frozen bananas are God's ice cream. Speaking of which, you must try blending them up in the food processor to make banana soft serve. They look like this when you do:

recipe and photo from choosing raw
Ahhh, heavenly. I eat at least two of these a day!

3. walnuts

pinterest source

I have a serious love for walnuts. Maybe it's something to do with their fat content, but walnuts {and other nuts} leave you feeling happy and full. Especially when you pair them with frozen bananas and dates in the food processor {think caramel nut ice cream!}. Yum.

4. pumpkin sauce

This dessert-like sauce is still one of my favorite foods! I don't even like pumpkin pie, but I love this stuff. It's best served warm, and eating it makes you feel like you just ate a luxurious dessert!

5. watermelon

pinterest source
Guilt-free food is the name of the game with watermelon. It's mostly water, and you can eat nearly as much as you want. {Just don't weigh for two days if you do! ;)}

Before we became original food/vegan, watermelon was the only food I ate on this list. So changing our diet has definitely changed the way I snack. I would normally eat granola bars before I exercised, and some sort of low-fat dairy ice cream at night, but now I've replaced them with real food energy sources, and I can't imagine going back! :D

Oh, and did you notice that four out of five of my top snacks are sweet? Oh, my, how I love sweets! :P

Do you have a sweet tooth too? Or do you prefer salty snacks?

What are your favorite healthy snacks? I'd love to hear some new ideas!


  1. I am definitely a sweet snacker (sugar addict, actually). I need walnuts for my cholesterol, but they are so bitter...I may have to try them in the bananas! Speaking of which: if you add a tsp of cocoa powder to your blender it tastes just like chocolate soft serve! And, I'm intrigued by the dates...

  2. Yum! I just tried your pumpkin sauce and it was phenomenal! I also was quite surprised the other day to find dates in my cabinet....a mix up at the grocery store which was never returned. I juat opened the package to try them and I cannot believe how tasty they are. Thank you for the great inspiration!

  3. I make air popped popcorn and banana ice cream- I eat a LOT of bananas. I also love cherries for my snacks and almonds

  4. love roasted chick peas with some seasoning salt, I'm a sweet lover but my boys are all salty snackers and love this.

  5. Mary @ Finding Healthy HopeJanuary 29, 2013 at 9:52 AM

    love this list!
    dates rolled in pecans are my sweet tooth craving satisfier!
    AND i eat LOTS of frozen bananas..smoothie style.
    raw almonds are my fave...and so is fresh fruit! :)

  6. Mmm, I'm right there with you on the banana ice cream. My favorite. Also air popped popcorn with nutritional yeast... almonds... and whatever berries are in season.

    Have you tried combining almonds and dates (or other dried fruit/nuts) to make homemade larabars? It's so easy, there are a lot of recipes online. You just mix them up in the food processor and they're basically raw, whole food granola bars.

  7. A sweet potato with a banana, cinnamon and walnuts sprinkled's just like a dessert!

  8. Kevinandnicoleplus2January 29, 2013 at 9:52 AM

    I try to drink a lot of water but I just get sick of it. So I have been adding lemon juice and stevia to it and it tastes like lemonade! No calories and I enjoy drinking my water!

  9. Agree with Anna! Raw almonds, dates, and raisins make an amazing homemade Lara bar that I eat every day!
    The other thing that I love for a refreshing snack in the hot afternoon is a smoothie with coconut water {fresh from the coconut}, banana, fresh mango, and a little ice. Mmmmm.
    I have kicked my Diet Coke habit and have been eating original food for a couple of months now {although we aren't vegan, we still do a little chicken}, and I feel wonderful!

  10. I have one more comment/question that I thought of. I have been experimenting with veganism. I'm already dairy-free, and meat isn't a big deal, but I do struggle with leaving eggs (and honey, for strict vegans) out of my diet. What is your rationale behind not eating eggs? What I've read online has been almost solely related to animal cruelty. Is there any other health reason you've found?

  11. Mandy, thanks for these ideas. I'm really keen to try your pumpkin sauce. This is a recipe I have tried and my hubby LOVES it - raw muesli bar. I have added lemon rind instead of orange - and also experimented with different dried fruit too. Pretty yum!

  12. We are def not vegan, more paleo but still LOTS of veggies and fruit. Except the pumpkin, those are some of my favorites too. I buy overripe bananas for cheap and freeze them for "milkshakes." The kids ask for these almost every day in the summertime. I have noticed that the cleaner I eat the less I desire junky snacks. I never thought they would just not sound good to me or that I would regret splurging, but I do these days. I just told my husband the other days that dates are "God's candy!" :)


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