save money {and your sanity}: 3 fun places to shop online

I've come to love shopping online.

Something about having four little kids completely changes your perspective on mall browsing. The leisurely strolls through Target I so enjoyed when I had only one baby now look more like a mad dash while the hubs and the kids wait in the car. ;)

These days I'd definitely much rather sit on my comfy couch and shop after the kids are in bed!

If you're there with me, here are three places you can shop to save both money and your sanity:

1. Shop Target.
No mad dashes needed- thankfully, now I can shop at Target from home without paying for shipping!

I have a Target Red Debit Card, and when I use it, I get 5% off of my entire purchase, and free shipping on everything online {no minimum}. It's awesome!

The debit card was free- it simply withdraws straight from my checking account like a debit card from my bank, but only works at Target.

This might not be an option if you only use cash, but if you're using your debit card anyway, you could be saving 5% without any effort. And of course, the 5% off works in-store too!

Sometimes they have promotions to sweeten the deal- like buy two, get 10% off, which is something you won't see in stores. The offer also extends to clearance items, which are aplenty over at Target!

2. Shop used bookstores.

Thrive Foods: 200 Plant-based Recipes for Peak Health by Brendan Brazier (2011, Paperback, Original) ImageIn the past, I would buy books new on Amazon without even blinking. Their low price, easy cart and quick free shipping lured me into buying mindlessly. The new book I wanted, Thrive Foods, is $12.60 new there, but one click over to the other small tab revealed the same book, shipped for free from Amazon's warehouse for $11.21. So simple, but so easy to miss sometimes!

The deal with Amazon, though, is that you have to buy $25 worth of items to get the free shipping, unless you pay for their prime membership {$70 per year}. If you don't want to gather $25 worth of items, consider buying your books and saving a few extra pennies over at Half.

I can buy the same book at for $7.37, plus $3.49 shipping, which equals $10.86, an even better deal than Amazon!

Don't forget to always check your used options first when it comes to buying books. There's so much you could be saving!

3. Shop Etsy for gifts.
I love buying personal gifts for my friends and family. Etsy is the perfect place to do it, because the prices are so affordable compared to local personalization shops.

 For less than $50, you can shop for wedding gifts like these family signs:

only $31 shipped here
$35 plus shipping at this etsy shop
And I love this personalized subway art for $25:

And for $8.49 shipped, you can get an adorable custom baby bib like one of these:

And what mama wouldn't love a cute chevron embroidered burp cloth? :D

It's only $14.50 shipped. Not too bad for a special gift! :)

What are your favorite places to shop online and save? 

*Thrive Foods contains affiliate link- if you buy it, I receive a small referral percentage from Amazon


  1. I have a Target redcard too. I didn't know about the free shipping. I will have to check their site out more. I love saving with the card though.

  2. Amazon has always been one of my favorite online places to shop, unfortunately they do get you with their shipping costs. I'm going to give that a try. Thanks for the tip :)

  3. I love your etsy buys. Those are super cute!

  4. I love all of these stores. I almost ALWAYS buy my books from They pretty much beat every other option out there.

    And I find Etsy to be THE best place for purchasing gifts. Not only are the items unique, but purchasing from individuals supports and affirms other people's gifts/talents. But, I may be a bit biased, as I do have a shop on there. Haha ;)

    Thanks for sharing these awesome shopping ideas! :)

  5. Wow- That Target card sounds too good to be true! I'm sure they've tried to tell me about it at the checkout but I always just assume it is a credit card sales ploy so I just automatically say no thanks. But hmmm..I will definitely have to check into that! Thanks for the tip!

  6. I so enjoy your blog. Just so you know :)

  7. great ideas! I had no idea Target had a red card!

  8. oh thank you!! :D you're so sweet! :D

  9. I did the same thing at first! I assumed they only had a credit card! Let me know how it goes! :D

  10. oh, your paintings are beautiful!!! I LOVE them!!

  11. Thanks for this info on the Target card i will be applying for my debit card today! Also i really like the J is for Jacob bib set but when i click on the link i only get a picture not a link to the etsy shop i searched for custom baby bib and 112 pages came up!! could you please tell me which shop this is from?
    love your blog! You are inspiring me to be more thrifty & to dress with style!

  12. Awesome! sorry about that! Here's the link:
    thank you for reading!! :D


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