mandy's closet opens tomorrow!! {sneak peek}

mandy's closet

Here's a little sneak peek of what will be in the shop tomorrow {Lord-willing!}:

Prices will be comparable to the thrift store and eBay, and shipping is just $5 for one item, plus $1 per item after that, so get ready to shop! :D


  1. Awesome...I'm so ready to shop your closet:)

  2. Awesome!! I love that you are doing this! I soooo love thrifting and adore your style and your ideas, and absolutely love reading your posts. BIG YAY! I'll def. be browsing the closet.


  3. You're so cute!

  4. Is it all in your size? If so, what size are you? You look super teeny-tiny. Cute stuff in your shop though!!


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