thrifty thursday: easy chair transformation

The Goodwill people probably think I'm crazy.

I am a little crazy. I'll give them that. ;) I so love finding a good deal!

And when I saw this baby hanging out in the midst of dirty 80's floral sofas and broken mdf TV stands, it was like spotting a blinding diamond among the coal:

The chair was in perfect condition, except for the plaid seat cover.

I had to stop myself from running to see how much it was. 

After what felt like an eternity, I finally hurdle jumped made my way past the floral sofa and found the price tag.

It was $7.99.

This is where the other part of the crazy comes in- when I find a good deal, I can hardly keep that goofy smirk off my face. I grin all the way to the register.

It's ridiculous. And

I couldn't wait to recover it. But I just couldn't find the right fabric to go with the wood tone. It was far too perfect and pretty to paint too. :)

I didn't want to spend more money on fabric really, either, so it took me a few months to figure out that I had something I could use on the seat after all:

I had these old pillows that I was recovering for another project, and so I ripped off the covers and bleached them, and they came out perfectly!

I cut out one side, and pulled the cushion off to recover:

To protect the fabric from returning to it's previous nasty pillowcase look, I added a $1 per yard layer of clear vinyl. It's a must for mamas of littles who like white things!

Staple, staple, staple, and voila! 

She fits in with the rest of the house! Right now she's hanging in the living room right by the armoire.

For $9 total, I think I'll keep her! For now, anyway. ;) 

Isn't GW the best? :D

So tell me, where do you find your favorite furniture bargains? Do you score furniture at thrift stores too? Or is Craigslist more your thing? 


  1. Oohh... Wonderful find!! :) Love your after shot!! Well done! I found some great deals today at Value Village as well! Buying 2nd hand as much as possible is the way to go! :)

  2. I am a new lover of Goodwill! Last week I scored big time! It wasn't furniture though. I found a pair of $168 jeans for $6.99!! Thank you for inspiring me to be more thrifty and give Goodwill a chance. :) ps I love reading your blog.

  3. I like the idea of the plastic for protection especially with young kids. Have you thought about painting the chair white since the fabric is light?

  4. I have a chair that needs new fabric and I've avoided putting it off particularly because of the 2 year old and dirty hand problem. I never considered the vinyl, thanks for the idea:)

  5. Love it...looks great!!!! I have my kitchen chairs to redo,but I haven't found the perfect fabric yet:)

  6. it looks great! I went to GW with my 15 yr old this past saturday for half price day and we scored some awesome deals on clothes and a couple of purses!

  7. Sarah at Handbags*N*PigtailsJanuary 29, 2013 at 10:27 AM

    Great chair, great price. Yes, I've scored big time on furniture finds at Salvation Army. 2 beautiful french provincial dressers with mirror for $79, turquoise tufted wingback, camel colored armchair, etc... Its important to have an eye for what something CAN become. I think too many people miss out on great stuff because they cant see past a terrible finish or fabric when all it may need is a change to spruce it up.

  8. Last weekend I was shopping for an office chair. Goodwill had a decent one for $35. Walked into a new Thrift Store on Saturday and saw one for $10. Grabbed it! :)
    Now if I could just figure out how to get it to work to lower it. :(

  9. My favorite piece in the entire house came from Salvation Army. My sister was visiting me from another state. We were thrifting and I fell in love. I wish there was a word that was greater than love. That is how much I wanted this silly chair. It was marked $35. I realized it wouldn't go with anything else in the house and left it. I kicked myself later in the day and told my hubby about it. I showed him the photo I took with my cell phone. I couldn't go back since the store had closed and I worked the next day. I came home from work and it was sitting in my living room with a bow. He went back and purchased it for me. I still love it years later and actually designed an entire room around it. It is from the 1960's.

  10. We've found a few great treasures. Two weeks ago I found TWO vintage cameras at a flea market in Arkansas that were only $7 for BOTH! I was thrilled!!! They're sitting proudly on my desk - I need to blog about that great find.

    Your chair is lovely.

  11. Wow! What a great find. You're blessed to have a Goodwill near you that prices their items so low. My local GW is crazy expensive. Recently, I saw a broken shelving unit (not even real wood) priced at $24.99. I wouldnt have even paid $1.00 for it...that's how badly it looked. God is good; he knows the desires of our hearts. You're chair looks great! Congratulations!

  12. The wood is far too pretty to paint :)

  13. Lovely! I have 9 children, and the vinyl is a great idea, but I really think you lose something in the appearance and feel with vinyl covering.

  14. Oh my goodness, too looks as though we were both doing chair makeovers this fall! :) (This is Aimee from Red Letter Ink...I'm also a thrift store nut!!) (another blog of mine)


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