30 things {part 1}

Today is my 30th birthday, so I thought it would be fun to tell you 30 random things about my life right now! {I always enjoy it when other bloggers do it, so it seemed like a good birthday thing to do! hahah!}

1. I am at Starbucks writing this post, enjoying my favorite birthday tradition- alone time with my Macbook and this:

2. I'm typing with only 9 fingers. I have an important tip for you: don't throw away your razor and then proceed to push down the trash as you take it out. You will slice off the top of your pinky finger, even if said razor was too dull to use on your legs {so silly...and so painful!}.

3. On the same note, don't ever try to catch a falling razor in the shower. You may have lightning fast reflexes, but your brain won't work as quickly as your muscles. Trust me. Again, very painful. Avoid this if you can. :/

4. Speaking of muscles...I've fallen in love with running again. After I started working out when I was 21, I decided one of my life long goals was to run a six minute mile. My first full mile in adulthood was somewhere around 14 minutes.

5. Last week, I ran the fastest and hardest I could on a curvy trail, and the little voice came over my iPod and told me, "one mile...time, 7 minutes, 0 seconds." I think I groaned so loud everyone on the trail wondered what was wrong with me! hahah! I just wanted to hear the number 6 before the seconds! I wonder if hearing 6 minutes will ever happen. Either way, I'm not done trying. :D

 6. Being 30 is definitely physically different than being 21. My knee hurts when I run these days. I can work out for hours in a group fitness setting, but 2 miles on the trail kills my knee. Go figure.

7. Another someday goal of mine is to hike the rest of the 11 mile Kalalau Trail in Kauai. We did several miles of it last year and turned around because it was getting dark {we started too late}. Our dream is to sleep on the most beautiful beach on the world:
8. I love, love, love, Kauai. It's incredible. Quite possibly the most beautiful place on earth. We went there for 7 days in 2011, and I still can't believe God made such an awesome place, and I got to see it.

9. I sometimes dream of moving to Kauai, and I wonder if it's hedonistic to want to live somewhere so beautiful. Mountains, oceans, and beaches bring me to worship. Seriously, why does God even think about us? He is so, so big!! I would love to live somewhere and see all that beauty every single day.

10. I never thought I would be the outdoorsy type. Or that I would have four kids by the age of 26. But I love that they are both true now.

11. It's chaos sometimes {having four kids}, but it's so much fun too. They all brought me birthday cards this morning. They really do love me. And I love them more than they will ever probably know. :)

12. Speaking of loving more than one will ever know, my husband loves me a ridiculous amount. I am so, so, so blessed to be the wife of a handsome, strong, hard-working, God-fearing man. :D

13. He's planning a birthday party for me this weekend, and in the midst of it, he's working, remodeling our kitchen, and he took me out for a whirlwind birthday weekend in Dallas.

14. I LOVE that man.

15. We spend a lot of time together- I would guess more than the usual married couple. We hate being apart.

16. We've been together for almost 13 years. He took me to my senior banquet:

17. 10:17 is my favorite time of the day. Is your birthday your favorite time of the day too, or is that weird? haha!

18. I've fallen in love with Sonic ice. I can't get enough of it. A big 44 ounce cup of ice water makes me happy.

19. Did I tell you we were crazy? We're remodeling our kitchen {see #13}. Right now it looks like this:

20. And no lie, this is pretty good considering what it has looked like for the past week. We have a party at our house on Friday. :D

21. My finger still hurts, but I can't stop using it to type. What would I do without a pinky?

22. I tried a caramel skinny latte today for the first time. I found I actually prefer regular coffee.

23. That sweet man {see #12} has arrived to take me to lunch. So the last 7 will have to wait until tomorrow :D I'm off to enjoy my birthday! :D


  1. Happy Birthday! I have been a follower for a while and never commented before but thought this would be the right post lol love your blog!!
    -Meesh :)

  2. Happy Birthday friend!

  3. Have a wonderful birthday, Mandy! Hope you feel extra loved today :)

  4. Danielle HuddlestonJanuary 29, 2013 at 10:34 AM

    Happy Birthday! Stop cutting yourself :) My kids gave me the push to become a hiker. My dream is a week long hike. So far I have only done an overnight. I tend to be a lurker and decided I should actually comment! Have a great day! I will be joining you in turning 30 next year :) I am hoping to start the day in a hot air balloon...

  5. Happy Birthday sweet blessing of a friend!!!

  6. This was fun to read! Happy Birthday!! :)
    I'm a new-ish follower, and have yet to comment.... "Hi!". I'm thoroughly loving your blog and your insights. Thanks for writing, and God Bless!

  7. Happy Birthday! I love reading your blog. You are so funny!

  8. Made me laugh that you mentioned the time thing. My middle boy's birthday is February 22 and almost everyday I "just happen" to be looking at a clock at 2:22. So weird and random. Also, did you know you can buy bags of ice from Sonic? The ice maker in our freezer broke so I pick up a bag now and then. We love it! Happy Birthday to you! Welcome to the 30's! They're pretty great!

  9. Happy Birthday! We share the same one :)

  10. Happy birthday sweet girl! If you move to Kauai, i'm visiting! :)

  11. Happy Birthday!!!!! Your birthday is in my favorite month :) Sorry to hear about your poor pinky :( You and your hubby sound so much like me and my hubby, we hardly ever spend time apart when hes not working at the fire station, or like right now hes in Austin for his annual fire marshal thingy.

  12. Happy Birthday!! The 30's are GREAT!

  13. A friend mentioned your blog and here i am visiting and loving it. My sister lives in Kauai and my husband and i visited while i was 22 weeks pregnant! So gorgeous! We took a helicopter ride to see more of the island. Happy birthday- today is our anniversary. :-) And you've also inpired me to get back into blogging. Its feeling neglected since baby came along.

  14. Seaweed & RaineJanuary 29, 2013 at 10:35 AM

    Happy, happy birthday! (Okay, so it's a few days late...) I'm just tuning in after Abbie has mentioned you SO many times I couldn't resist having a peek at your space. :) I'm an October birthday girl too... Could there be a better month to have your birthday?

  15. LOL...well a 7 minute mile is SMOKIN'!!! Lol my fastest mile ever is 9 minutes and 45 seconds. NOT necessarily the speediest thing in the world ;) But I love the jogging I CAN do!!! :D


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