allume {life in the light} : recap 2012


I’m back from Allume this week, and slowly recovering from my six flights in four days. I don’t fly often, so when I do, I try to catch as many planes as I can per trip. ;) The conference was amazing- I learned so much, but I think my favorite thing about this blogging conference was that it’s primary purpose was to encourage us to blog for the glory of God. :)

The first night, we had a RooMag meetup. I had the chance to visit most of the other contributors, and we all Skyped with RooMag’s creator Candace Cameron Bure. It was such a blast!

roomagpicture/links from RooMag:

Top Row L to R: Darlene, Angela, LeAnn, Rachel, Glynnis, Mandy
Bottom Row L to R: Stacy, Sheila, Darlene, Clare, Ruth, Courtney

I learned so much it was hard to narrow down my favorite moments, but I managed to find a few of my favorites. {ahem}. I told you a little about the conference last Friday, but now that I’m back, here are six things I loved about my trip to Allume:

1. the friends

I loved hugging the necks of my sweet blogging friends, and I loved making new friends too. Oh, it was fun!

Here’s my fitness sister, Clare, aka the co-editor of RooMag. I wished we lived in the same city. I have a feeling we’d have some fun workouts! ;)


Here’s Darlene, from Time-Warp wife {she has amazing homemaking printables over there}:


Here’s Angela from Good Morning Girls. I love her soft-spoken sweet spirit. She’s precious! I can’t wait to hang with her again- we only live 1.5 hours apart! Yay!


Here’s Crystal from Money Saving Mom. We were told we looked just alike- isn’t that fun? I think we should be sisters. For real. She’s adorable, and so sweet:


And here’s Brittany from the Cha Cha Chronicles {love this fellow WIWWer, and I love her bubble necklace too! hehe}:

Image 5

And I enjoyed hanging out with Jesenia too- she has such a deep love for God and a great testimony of what He’s done in her life. She’s launching a blog soon, so follow her on twitter to find out when:

Image 2

2. the traveling

I love traveling- and traveling alone is much different than with your husband or your friend. I can’t wait to tell you some of the stories. I continue to be blown away by what God does. Before my second airplane took off on the way there, I had the chance to share the entire Gospel. Nothing but God. Nothing. He is incredible, and He works in EVERYTHING, including my seating arrangements. Incredible, I tell you.

Before I left the airport, I met Leigh from Hopeful Leigh and we ate lunch at McDonald’s together. I love how He orchestrates everything. :)

Image 4

My first three flights were so close, I didn’t have a chance for Starbucks. But I definitely enjoyed my cup on the way home. Smile 

Image 1

3. fellowship

We had a great time fellowshipping- it was fun to sit at different tables and make a new set of friends each meal!


4. the teaching

I loved all the great thoughts shared at Allume. I will share my favorite quotes with you soon- I’m still processing all the information! They lined up an amazing group of speakers!


from Tricia Goyer’s session on Blogging with Kids

5. the food {and the coffee}

I never thought I would be able to say that conference food was some of the best food I’ve ever been served, but it was. They had everything. Seriously. They had buffet style meals, so I was full {a feat in itself!} and it was good. :D It was so good, in fact, I came home with an extra layer or two on my thighs to prove it. ;)


Image 3

Yes, that is an enormous bowl of guacamole. Reason #32 why my pants are tight right now. ha!


6. coming home

I wasn’t too homesick, but I missed my husband and kiddos like crazy. I was so, so glad to come home to my sweet family, a clean house, and these:


Now it’s back to life, and I’m trying to be more Mary than Martha this week, and choose the better things. :) It’s easy for me to want to jump right back in, but I’m fighting the temptation to do too much right now.

What’s important? What really matters? Loving God and loving people.

Not getting everything done that I’m behind on.

Right? {remind me, please! ha!}

How do you transition back to home life after a big trip?


  1. I loved meeting you--we are so going to finish our convo about that new 31 days series we brainstormed about. ;)

  2. So sweet! Looks like you had an amazing time!!

  3. What a wonderful recap post. Mmmm that guacamole still looks so good :)

  4. It was sooo great to meet you! You were so kind and welcoming, which was very much appreciated by this introvert. I hope that one day we cross paths again, perhaps a PA family vacation. ;) I promise to have lots of coffee and chocolate at your disposal. Blessings to you and the family! xoxo

  5. It was great to meet you at Allume! You were one of the first smiling faces I saw at the airport. Made for a great start to the weekend!

  6. I did! Oh, I didn't think of it in those terms- but I think I will give myself a week for sure! thank you for sharing!!

  7. Sounds like you had a wonderful time!

    Transitioning back into home after a big trip always take me a while. At least a week!

  8. So loved meeting you! We are kindred red-headed spirits.

  9. It was so great meeting you, Mandy! I'm glad I recognized you while we were waiting for our bags. :)

  10. We got totally spoiled having coffee and desserts anytime we wanted!

  11. I love you sweet thing! So good to finally meet you in person! Can't wait until our next big adventure!

  12. You cannot imagine how I LOVED meeting you! So glad we have some photobooth evidence! You are amazing. Would LOVE to hear more about your gospel-airplane-experience! PRAISE HIM!


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