five name brands worth paying for

I love buying store brands to save money {especially when it comes to groceries}, but there are definitely a few name brands I refuse to stray from in the personal item category. :D

Here are five things for which I will gladly fork over the extra dough:

1. the Otterbox

This Otterbox has saved my phone approximately 782 times. Since February.

I drop my phone all.the.time. {could you tell? haha1} And over and over, I thank the Lord for that pink Otterbox.

I don't know if other brands work- I'm actually afraid if I open the case, I'll drop and break my iPhone before I get a chance to put it in the new one.

{p.s. my cover is worn out after 6 months- I'm hoping old OB will replace it for me? Do you think they will?}

2. Scott's toilet paper

I both love and hate Scott's tissue. :)

I love it because it lasts more than one day per roll. When you have six people using t.p., it can get expensive to buy Charmin. 

But I do not love it because it is not Charmin. If you know what I mean.

But after years of my husband making me buy it {it seems pricey compared to off-brand}, I no longer hesitate to spend the money. Practicality got the best of me... and I was tired of never having tp on the roll.

So we buy the BIGGEST pack ever at Sam's Club. Like once a month. :)

3. Crest 3D White Luxe toothpaste

This is the most amazing toothpaste. It's called 3D white luxe {glamorous white}, and it's worth every single penny.

It's the most effective whitening toothpaste I've ever used.

It isn't cheaper than whitening this way, but it tastes much better. :)

4. Nike and Asics running shoes

My running shoes are the only shoes I wear at least six times per week, so buying a quality shoe is a must for me. 

After my third child was born, I had a weird foot injury wearing regular tennis shoes, and now I might be the pickiest shoe person I know because I can't wear just any old shoe. If I choose the wrong shoe, my knee, Achilles, and arch will be screaming at me within an hour of wearing them. And I'll hurt for a week.

So here are the only two shoes that work for me right now:

the asics nimbus  {$120-135}

I love them both. After years of wearing only the Nimbus, I was excited to find a cheaper Nike shoe that worked for me in August. I love the Nimbus, but it is pricey for sure. The Nike is a very wide shoe with a low back so it doesn't rub the Achilles like most Nike's do on me.

Do you have weird shoe requirements too? :P

5. an Apple computer

For the last five years, I've been a die-hard Macbook fan. I love, love, love my Apple computer. Last year I asked my husband for a PC for blogging {Windows Live Writer is amazing}, and I went back to only using the Macbook in about a month. I felt crippled using a PC- nothing worked the way it should! Thankfully, we found it a new home with a PC loving friend.

For Mother's Day, my husband surprised me with a new Macbook, and I love it even more than my old one. The OS is so intuitive- Macs just work for me, and I can't imagine going back again. {*cold sweat}

You can find a great deal on a Macbook on eBay and Craigslist- you don't have to buy a brand new one. Whether you buy used or new, I think the time and frustration saved using a Mac is worth the extra cost! :)

So what name brands will you gladly pay for? I'd love to hear what works for you!!

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  1. I always buy Carters brand clothes because they don't shrink up like many other brands...nothing like buying the correct size only to wash it once and it doesn't fit!!! Btw, Gerber is the worst about shrinking! Totally agree on the Otterbox...we buy Members Mark toilet paper at Sams and it's just like name brand (only cheaper :), you should give it a try.

  2. Oh, and name brand peanut butter...anything except generic...disgusting!

  3. Definitely feel ya on the shoes thing. Overpronator, which has led to bunions. I have not worn heels since 1984 (and it stinks!). Good shoes are a must. I scrimp other places. Lately Saucony shoes have been working for me after years of mainly Nike.

  4. I really enjoyed this post! :) I try to save money too.... but will not sacrifice quality for some things. Especially when you don't have to sacrifice and can still save money!! I will only buy "Purpose" face wash ($7 and so effective!!), J'adore Dior perfume (ok... it's expensive but worth every penny), cardigans from Ann Taylor, converse/all star sneakers (Love them!), gevalia coffee, voss bottled water (amazingly reusable bottles) and vitamins /omega 3s from NOW foods. Yep... gotta love brand loyalty! Those are the things I love to buy again and again!

  5. So here is a funny one! We have a fire pit at our house and we love to roast marshmellows. I bought the walmart brand marshmellos trying to save like 50 cents. A couple marshmellow roasting sessions in for the kids, I decided to have one..... they were TERRBILE! I made me kids toss them they tasted so plasticy and bad! Went out the next day and bought a real bag of marshmellos, much better! Sometimes the cheaper brand just isn't worth it.

  6. Ooh....I agree Laura!! I learned that one the hard way too- with Rice Krispie treats- something was just terribly off about the "off-brand"!! :D thanks for sharing!!

  7. I wear Nimbus(es?) too... and I love them! My feet have been wreaking havoc on my lower leg muscles for years and I finally have resolved that I have to spend the big bucks on good shoes. I have a less extreme Asic for classes at the gym, but I'm thinking I might ditch them and get another Nimbus pair for cross training. I love them that much! and fun colors... helllloooooo.

  8. It was hard for me to buy them at first too! But losing the foot pain makes them easy to buy, doesn't it? ahh, they're so comfy! :D I can't wait to see which ones you get! {btw have you seen the bright mis-matched (non-nimbus) asics? crazy but so cute!}

  9. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our mac computers as well!! We have a macbook pro and an iMac, and they are wonderful. We just picked up a cheap pc for school related programs for our children and I can't imagine using it all the time!

  10. I LOVE my Lifeproof case for my iPhone!!! It is truly life proof. With a two yr old, it has seen its share of drops, spills, swims, and more. :) Its the best investment for my phone. Its also so slim.

  11. I will never NEVER buy store brand coffee. It's either Folgers or the fancy stuff at our house. Usually Folgers because we make coffee twice a day. And Crayola crayons. We've tried the cheapo ones. They just aren't the same.

  12. I LOVE Macs too! I grew up with them, but had a pc through college and for about a year after. I got a shiny new Macbook in January, and it's my 4th baby. I just finally let my touch it, but only to move it to a different room! It's like going from using a whisk to using a Kitchenaid stand mixer. Totally worth the upgrade.

  13. I have a pair of Asics Nimbus and I love them too! Got mine on sale, but they would have been worth it at full price too!

  14. I bet they will replace it! ATT has replaced mine TWICE since March for much minor things! Mine was just that the "cover" for the charging part and the headphone part was torn off (by my kids) and they exchanged it no questions asked! Try it! They have a one year warranty!

  15. LIFE PROOF!!!! Is the best protective case EVER!!!! Seriously, my husband took a video of the kids playing under the pool by submerging the phone and it never got wet. This case is pricey but amazing. Also if you have an iPad they make a case for that too.

  16. Rainbows sandals! They are the best sandals ever and well-worth the price!
    And I will not buy store brand yogurt...I prefer brand just tastes weird to me.

  17. I am willing to pay more for things that I know are guaranteed to be fair trade. I don't like supporting big corporations that mistreat their employees out of the country or use children for labor.

  18. "Viva" paper towels!....and pure maple syrup :)!

  19. I know Otter Box will replace your box!!! My sister just did it. And we are currently in the process of getting my husbands replaced. Just go to their website and submit pictures of your beat up otter box. And they send you a new box! Its totally awesome!

  20. Oh, good to know Crystal! I might have to get one if the OB doesn't work out! :D

  21. Did you exchange it in person at the ATT store? :D that would be so easy if it were the case!

  22. Sometimes I can find the nimbus on sale, and when I do, it's a happy day! :D they are so nice!

  23. As a teacher and pedestrian, I love the UnStructured line from Clarks. They have updated styles with removable insoles so that you can use orthotics. I'm also a big fan of Eddie Bauer -- their clothes fit great and are top quality, and they will replace anything that tears, even an old backpack that is just worn out. They also have a good rewards program and regularly have great sales in their outlet stores.

  24. Haha, I just had to mention (as the owner of 2 Macs and 2 PCs) I have to say Macs are not the least bit "intuitive", its simply that your choices are limited, there is only 1 way to do it, or at most 2 predetermined options (A or B), thus your statement "nothing worked the way it should" is accurate....a PC has options, a Mac it just is the way it is, nothing original.....
    Full disclosure, I really, really dislike a video editor, web designer and programmer the lack of freedom of a Mac kills me, daily. I need the ability to make my own path....not follow the predesignated lines created for me :P
    Just had to mess with you a little....Love your blogs :)
    New Balance is the only name brand I buy of anything :P


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