thrifty thursday: hot Target deals {nov.15, 2012}

As much as I love thrifting, sometimes the thrift stores just can't beat my favorite clearance deals at Target. :D Target is one of my favorite places to find new Christmas gifts at bargain prices.

I found a few deals I'm in love with right now:

This adorable two-tier server is only $6.22 {perfect to give someone a Christmas fruit basket this year!}:

And I'm imagining cookies and mixes in this sweet medium vintage-style basket for just $4.02:

It's perfect for holding silverware for the holidays and then for pencil/craft organization through the year. You could even fill it with two canned cokes, a movie, and a bag of popcorn or candy for a Christmas gift! :D

I've mentioned before that I'm a fan of the Target debit card- you save 5% and get free shipping all the time at  You can also check out this article to get a few more online creative gift ideas this year!

p.s. here is what my closet looked like from yesterday's project:

It needs a good dusting now, but it's clutter-free! Hallelujah! :D


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  3. I really like the vintage basket! My Target is an hour away, so I don't get to go very often. I'm not sure if it saves me money, since I am not as frequently tempted, or if it causes me to spend more money since it's a luxury to be in the store :)

  4. I always forget to check out clearance caddies and bargains like this for creative packaging and resourceful gifting! Thanks for the inspiration!


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