working-on-it wednesday {Thanksgiving Eve}

We are starting off Thanksgiving Eve with a bang! We are enjoying every buttery crumb of these this morning:

My mom introduced me to these amazing biscuits a few months ago. They are Mary B's homestyle biscuits and you can find them in the frozen section at Walmart. If you like southern biscuits, you will LOVE them. They are the best biscuits I've ever had. Seriously. Yum.

Thanksgiving Eve is what we consider the first "holiday" at our house, and I'm so excited about it! We are hosting lunch tomorrow at our house, so we have lots of prep going on all day long! :D

Here's my to-do list for today:

1. finish another blog article
2. exercise
3. run quick errands in town
4. prep kitchen for massive amounts of food {clear table, find pans, arrange ingredients in them to get ready to cook, clean out refrigerator} ;)
5. start cooking
6. do two special projects with the kiddos: car painting and decorating placemats of brown paper {while I'm cooking} I found these little cars at Wal-Mart for a dollar:

They were so eager to start in on painting their cars right away this morning:

After they get done with those, we plan to cut out squares for placemats and paint them for our guests.

Speaking of which, I'm hoping some of the people we invited to share our feast will come, but we haven't gotten a for-sure yes from any of my invites yet.

Here's what I'm making for Thanksgiving this year {thankfully less than normal- my sister-in-law is cooking up a bunch so I don't have to do it all! Sweet sister!}:


  • sugar-free no-bake cream cheese apple pie {I'm making this up for my dad. LOL. We'll see how it goes! luckily he's a good sport when it comes to experiments!}
  • rice crispy treats
  • low-fat vanilla pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese icing
  • cheesy quinoa bake
  • make cornbread for dressing tomorrow


  • turkey- {thaw today, remove disgusting inner parts that are probably still too frozen, inject with marinade}- cook early in the morning 
  • dressing- prepare and bake
  • rolls {I went with store bought frozen dough this year after learning my lesson! Every time I try to bake them from scratch on a holiday they fail. Too much else going on to babysit homemade rolls, I guess. :)}
  • easy mac and cheese- not doing the baked version again this year. I'm going to make noodles and sauce and that is going to be that. :)}
This weekend I have a fun little giveaway package for you all! It will be perfect for Christmas presents and getting organized for next year. So keep your eyes out! I'm excited. :)

{And here's a peek of what I've been working on to show you next week! Eeek!}

What are you working on today? :)


  1. I am the designated dessert bringer for my husband's family meals (Easter, Tgiving and Cmas) so I am baking today as well. I love to bake and we just dont eat that many sweets, so this is my favorite season! Usually I go all out and make A BUNCH of desserts - last year we had 2 pumpkin pies, 1 pecan pie, 3 cheesecakes (bc the recipe made alot of filling!) - one mint choc chip, one pecan pie cheesecake, and one key lime - and I also made a cake but I dont remember what kind. That was alot of work, but alot of fun! This year I am just doing basics, pumpkin and pecan pies (2 each) and a boston cream pie. Thats it. Simple, easy, and yummy. :-) While I do try to watch sugars and be healthy while I bake, I havent found the ultimate, awesome, less-sugar-and-fake-stuff recipes yet. Guess I will keep looking. Thanks for what you share. Happy Thanksgiving!


    1. Oh I want to come to your house!! Way to bake girlie! I haven't found one of those Kinds of recipes yet either/ please let me know if you do! :)

  2. wow you are busy girl! Happy thanksgiving! Love, Traci @ Ordinary Inspirations

  3. Thanksgiving-Eve has always been a "holiday" in our family too! It's my first Thanksgiving to spend with my in-laws so since I don't have a lot of cooking to do, I'm working today. It feels like I'm in total violation of the "holiday"! I hope you & yours have a Blessed Thanksgiving!!

  4. When I get off work I have to go home and pack for myself and my two kiddos. We are driving about an hour away to spend Thanksgiving with my husband's mom's side of the family. My hubs is working 9 hours away this Thanksgiving ): I am in charge of bringing the fresh produce-celery, green onion, sweet potato, etc. So I have to gather that (it is already purchased). I clean the local revenue office 2 nights a week and guess what, Wednesday is one of those nights, so I must do that too before I can head out. Pick up kids from daycare and then hit the road! When we arrive, the night will be consumed with baking, prepping the turkey and other delicious dishes and playing cards! I LOVE Thanksgiving!


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